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    This "The Office" Audition Sign-In Sheet From 2003 Proves It Could've Been A Much Different Show

    Well, that would've been...interesting.

    You know how sometimes an actor plays a character so well that you can't imagine anyone else in that role? Well, Steve Carell as Michael Scott is widely considered one of those scenarios.

    But things could've been much different. Take a look at this audition sign-in sheet for The Office from 2003.

    Yep, you read that correctly. Rainn Wilson was auditioning for both Dwight AND Michael.

    Imagine if Rainn Wilson had been cast as Michael instead, and played the role of an immature, irresponsible, silly Regional Manager.

    Just picture all of the incredible Michael Scott scenes being pulled off by Rainn Wilson. The countless conference room meetings, the negative interactions with Toby, and all of the cringeworthy moments — like Scott's Tots.

    WIlson auditioning for Michael Scott isn't the only interesting thing on the sign-in sheet — look who auditioned for the role of Jim Halpert.

    Yep, Adam Scott could've played Jim. Here's a shot of Scott from Parks and Recreation, that proves he's more than capable of pulling off a "Jim Halpert looking directly into the camera" face.

    Of course, none of those things happened, so Rainn Wilson as Dwight and Steve Carell as Michael Scott are all we'll ever know. Perhaps in a parallel universe, things played out differently...