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15 Reminders That “The Leftovers” Is The Best Show You’re Not Watching

The final season begins April 16.

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3. Also, there's A LOT of shirtless Justin Theroux.

4. The show is BOLD AF.


They've done things like dedicate entire episodes to one or two characters, and even spent the first 45+ minutes of the second season introducing entirely new characters.


9. The show isn't as straightforward as you might think.


There's a lot to speculate about, from subtle details only attentive viewers pick up on to otherworldly happenings that provoke a lot of questions.

10. The show is ending on its own terms, which is usually a good thing.


They'll be able to tell the ending of this story as they choose to, instead of leaving things on a cliffhanger or being stuck with an unintentional ending like when a series is abruptly canceled.

12. If you're a reader, The Leftovers was originally a novel by Tom Perrotta.

St. Martin's Press

The first season is an adaptation that covers the entire book, whereas the second and third seasons are all new story!

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