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    17 Pictures Of Amazing Coincidences That Are Honestly Pretty Shocking

    How unlikely is too unlikely?

    1. This Clif Bar package that lines up PERFECTLY with this cliff.

    AnGabhaDubh / Via

    2. These three girls sitting in the same row, with the same color hair, and the same color sweater.

    fall97 / Via

    3. This perfectly-timed photo that managed to capture lightning, and a boat that has the words "perfect timing" written on it.

    RetroSwagSauce / Via

    4. This tree that fell over the top of this car without actually touching it at all.

    HolyDekuTree / Via

    5. This pebble that fits so perfectly in part of this shoe's sole.

    ZIN1007 / Via

    6. These two McDonald's drive-thru lines that have the same color cars in them.

    bionic_giraffe94 / Via

    7. These two semi-trucks that aligned to say, "Taylor Swift."

    komaram / Via

    8. This reporter named Amy Parks reporting from a place known as AAMI Park.

    Seven News

    9. This video player that started buffering at just the right time to make this happen.

    korabdrg / Via

    10. This stack of newspapers that's lined up to repeatedly say, "This is not a coincidence."

    OilersFansDontMatter / Via

    11. These two license plates that happen to be next to each other.

    Friendorphobia / Via

    12. This person who is so close, yet so, SO far from winning the lottery.

    itslqb / Via

    13. Or this couple who've managed to win the lottery THREE times.

    14. This restaurant's sign that's missing some lights, but still gets the point across.

    PixelBrother / Via

    15. This person who managed to spend a total of $7.11 at 7-Eleven.

    bdeee / Via

    16. This Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? question about sultry late night programming that ~ 69% ~ of the audience knew the answer to.

    Sony Pictures Television

    17. And finally, this flight attendant who is seated directly under a poster featuring a flight attendant who is wearing the exact same uniform.

    Starskeyhq / Via

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