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Google Maps Listed The 31 Most Haunted Places In America And They Sound Terrifying

From cemeteries and churches to mansions and museums.

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Did you know Google Maps has marked out all of the most haunted places in America? Well, they did and here’s where all the creepy AF locations are:


1. Bachelor's Grove Cemetery — Midlothian, Illinois

Wikimedia Commons / Via

This abandoned cemetery is known for many alleged ghost sightings. People have reported seeing everything from a two-headed ghost to a woman walking around carrying an infant to orbs and mirage vehicles.

2. Lemp Mansion — St. Louis, Missouri

@rlcory / Via

The mansion has transitioned from office space to a restaurant & inn, but it's said to be haunted by the Lemp family, who originally occupied it. Multiple family tragedies took place there. William Lemp's wife died of cancer, William killed himself, and years later his son, William Jr., also killed himself in the mansion.

3. The Villisca Ax Murder House — Villisca, Iowa

@official_yaayyo / Via

In June of 1912, the Moore family was found dead inside of their residence. There were eight victims, six of whom were children, and their heads had been severed by an axe. The case went unsolved, but the public is currently able to book tours and overnight stays in the home.

4. The Old Slave House on "Hickory Hill" — Junction, Illinois

@culturacolectivaviajes / Via

The Old Slave House (aka The Crenshaw House) was essentially a reverse underground railroad, used to kidnap freed slaves and resell them into slave states. Many believe it's haunted by the spirits of those who passed through. Tours of the place used to be offered, but in 2000 the house and its surrounding acres were sold to the state of Illinois, and it's currently closed.

5. Winchester Mystery House — San Jose, California


Sarah Winchester, the widow of Winchester Repeating Arms Company treasurer William, used to live in the house. She (and many others) claimed that the home was haunted by the spirits of those who were killed via Winchester rifles, as well as Sarah's workmen. The claims range from people allegedly hearing sighs to feeling taps on the back.

6. Bobby Mackey's Music World — Wilder, Kentucky

@bloodmoonparanormal / Via

You think of a nightclub as a place for fun and dancing, but Bobby Mackey's is in the same space that used to serve as a slaughterhouse. Some say that after the slaughter house shutdown, a Satanic cult met there to perform rituals. It's also said that there's a portal to hell in the basement, and there've been claims of footsteps heard and a headless ghost in the building.

7. Myrtles Plantation — St. Francisville, Louisiana

@imanormalalien / Via

Myrtles Plantation is a former plantation that some claim is built on top of an Native American burial site. It's believed that several murders took place in the house and multiple ghosts have reportedly been heard (footsteps) and seen, like a woman in old-fashioned attire, who an estate employee allegedly saw go through the gate and vanish into the house.

8. Stone's Public House — Ashland, Massachusetts


It's currently a pub, but the building was originally constructed as a hotel in 1834. It has a history of horrifying tales, particularly one about a child named Mary. It's said that she was hit by a train nearby and brought to the inn where she died. Some claim to have heard Mary giggling and seen her ghost disappear into the walls.

9. Devil's Promenade — Hornet, Missouri

bl4good / Via

Also known as "The Spooklight," this is an unexplained light that appears on the border between Missouri and Oklahoma. There are several descriptions of the lights, but people claim to have seen gold, red, or blue orbs floating around. Some believe it's a Civil War soldier's ghost, others think it's the torch of a beheaded Indian in search of his head.

10. National Museum of the United States Air Force — Dayton, Ohio

@deancreates1 / Via

The museum contains many crafts that some believe have lingering spirits. It's said that staff members have witnessed many apparitions, like a little boy near a B-29 Bomber for example. Along with the apparitions are claims of objects moving and unexplainable voices or sounds being heard.

11. Salem, Massachusetts

@weboldlygo / Via

Though Salem is known for the witch trial hysteria, which led to several deaths, there are many other places that are said to be haunted. There’s the Old Salem Jail, which has been turned into luxury apartments, and there’s Salem State University where people have claimed to experience a bed shaking and loud banging noises, amongst other paranormal activity.

12. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

@orangesub / Via

The battlefield where several thousands of Union troops and Confederate soldiers clashed and died is considered a ghost-heavy spot. Devil's Den in particular, is considered an active paranormal spot, where many alleged sightings have been.

13. Adam's Street Cemetery — South Bend, Indiana

MIGHT Paranormal / Via

It's a cemetery, so all things paranormal are expected there. Some claim to have seen fog and mists surrounding tombstones in their photos of the graveyard.

14. The Whaley House — San Diego, California

@exploreneats / Via

This is widely labeled the most haunted home in America, and it's built where a graveyard was before. Those who've visited claim to hear strange noises and see peculiar sights, particularly apparitions of Whaley family members.

15. LaLaurie House — New Orleans, Louisiana

@alwaysgoinplaces / Via

The LaLaurie mansion is allegedly a place where many slaves were gruesomely tortured. In April of 1834, a fire broke out in the home. When help arrived, several slaves were found mutilated or in dire condition, and eventually bodies were discovered buried in the yard. It's said to be haunted by the ghosts of those who were tortured and killed on the property.

16. Eastern State Penitentiary — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

HRae / CC / Via

Deemed a National Historic Landmark, this penitentiary first opened its doors in 1829, closed in 1971, and was once home to Al Capone. Although no executions actually happened here, several inmates went insane from solitary confinement and many people were murdered as well.

17. Stranahan House — Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Dtobias / Via

Frank Stranahan was a Depression-era businessman who fell on some hard times. He drowned himself in a river nearby the house. Rumor has it that visitors have seen strange apparitions including the ghost of his wife.

18. The Avon Theatre — Stamford, Connecticut

kris__fit / Via

Opened in 1939, this small historic theatre has been rumored to be haunted. However, it was recently restored and today plays new, independent films.

19. Waverly Hills Sanatorium — Louisville, Kentucky

adam_will_afford / Via

Opened in 1910 as a hospital for tuberculosis patients, this eerie location actually used a “body chute” to dispose of dead bodies. There are rumors that the fifth floor is haunted, particularly room 502. This was where, supposedly, people often jumped to their death and where people today have seen many “shapes moving in the windows.”

20. The White House — Washington, D.C.

Keystone Features / Getty Images

Many people who’ve lived, worked, and visited the White House have claimed to have had ghostly encounters. There were even reported sightings of Lincoln’s ghost during FDR’s administration.

21. Hull House — Chicago, Illinois

United States Library of Congress / Via

Founded in 1889, this house originally served as an education and help center for the city’s working class and immigrants (in fact, it’s still in operation today). However, there have been many strange sightings since the 1800s including a ghostly “Lady in White” and a “Devil Baby” that is said to have inspired Rosemary’s Baby.

22. 112 Ocean Ave — Amityville, New York

Paul Hawthorne / Getty Images

This is the address of the home from the Amityville Horror. in 1974, Ronald DeFeo, then 23, killed his parents and four siblings here. All of the victims were found, face-down, in their beds. The family that moved in after this massacre were then terrorized by all kinds of paranormal activity.

23. Bell Witch Cave — Adams, Tennesse

Www78b / CC / Via

A farmer, John Bell, and his family slowly witnessed strange noises around their house over a long period of time. They invited people to witness the creepy-ness, too, and eventually the “force” gained enough strength to have a voice, calling itself a witch named Kate. “Kate” continued to torment the family and John Bell grew weaker, eventually dying.

24. 145 North Main Street — Decatur, Illinois

Facebook: LincolnSquareTheatre

The location of the Lincoln Square Theatre, which originally opened in 1916, was abandoned in 1990. However, there have been many reports of paranormal and unexplained activity over the years. This could be due to the fact that the location was previously home to The Priest Hotel, which caught fire twice (in 1904 and 1915), resulting in two deaths.

25. Alcatraz — San Francisco, California

Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

Arguably the most famous prison in the world, and also America’s first supermax prison, Alcatraz hasn’t housed inmates in decades. However, in a recent paranormal investigation for History, strange things like suddenly dropping temperature and strange “voices” were caught on camera.

26. The Stanley Hotel — Estes Park, Colorado, Jessica Martinez-Mausling / Via

Stephen King famously stayed at this hotel and, subsequently, it became the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in his iconic 1977 book The Shining. More recently, a family claims to have taken a photo of a ghost during a “Night Spirit Tour” of the hotel.

27. Crescent Hotel — Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Nicknamed “America’s Most Haunted Hotel,” this hotel is home to a number of “famous” spirits including an Irish stonemason named Michael who fell to his death while helping build the hotel, a cancer patient named Theodora, and even a cat named Morris.

28. The Old Western Burial Ground — Baltimore, Maryland

salem615 / Via

Edgar Allen Poe is buried here, and there have been reports of his ghost being spotted in the past. There’s also something called the “Cambridge Skull.” Legend has it that a minister’s head kept screaming after being murdered — the killers then gagged the skull and buried it. Supposedly, if you really listen, you can still hear it.

29. Christ Church Cemetery — Saint Simons Island, Georgia

lynnschulte / Via

The story goes that a young woman, who was deathly afraid of the dark, was buried here. Supposedly, after she died, her husband brought a candle to her grave every night and lit it. Some people have said they still see a flickering light there today.

30. El Campo Santo Cemetery — San Diego, California

splendidlysuz / Via

Founded in 1849, this cemetery was home to 477 bodies. However, after the chapel was destroyed, the cemetery was abandoned and forgotten about — streets and sidewalk were built over it. Ghosts have been reportedly seen here, including men and women in 19th century clothing.

31. The Alamo — San Antonio, Texas

Kean Collection / Getty Images

Of course, the Alamo is most famous for the battle that took place there, however, there have been many ghostly occurrences since then. In fact, the site where the Alamo and its plaza sit today was once a cemetery. Some of the most commonly seen ghosts here include a little boy above the giftshop, a Mexican soldier who wanders the grounds, and a father and son on the rooftops.

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