Watching LeBron James Enthusiastically Celebrate Taco Tuesday Every Week Is The Best Thing On Instagram

    One man's love for Taco Tuesday on full display.

    We all know LeBron James. Aside from being one of the greatest basketball players of all time, he also seems to be a tremendous person who does a ton of giving back.

    We all know about tacos. Aside from being one of the best dishes of all time, they’re also usually cheaper on Tuesdays.

    One thing you might not have known about is Lebron James's passion for Taco Tuesday.

    You already know what today is..... Yup you guessed it. 🌮 TUEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSDAY🤪😆😁😂🤣😋

    In recent weeks, at some point on Tuesdays, LeBron has posted videos to his Instagram story, enthusiastically declaring his love for Taco Tuesday. This often leads to some sort of trending on Twitter.

    It began back in May when LeBron and his son, Bronny, shared videos of their family getting pumped up for Taco Tuesday.

    Since then, he's done more of them, once including his new teammate, Anthony Davis.

    Bron brought AD over for Taco Tuesday 🌮 (via @KingJames)

    Recently, he even celebrated Taco Tuesday while away from home, on the set of Space Jam 2.

    Bron gives us a sneak peak of the new Toon Squad uniforms on Taco Tuesday 🌮🐰 (via @KingJames)

    And his son Bronny responded with a long distance Taco Tuesday.

    Bronny had to get Taco Tuesday in without LeBron. 🤣😂🌮 (via bronny/Instagram)

    As of today, LeBron continued the wholesome tradition by serenading his followers with a song about Taco Tuesday.

    LeBron singing to his tacos on #TacoTuesday 🌮😂 (via @KingJames)

    So, go get you some tacos or whatever food makes you so excited you scream about it, until next week when LeBron will likely provide the world with more quality Taco Tuesday content.