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    21 Times LeBron James Was Just So Incredibly Likable

    Just because he's not on your team doesn't mean you can't appreciate his greatness.

    No matter where your NBA loyalties lie, there are countless reasons to love LeBron James.

    Andy Lyons / Getty Images

    1. First and foremost, he's a man of the people, whether he's taking a selfie with some young fans...


    2. ...or congratulating a Special Olympian and giving him his sneakers at a game.


    3. He was even genuinely excited to celebrate with a fan who hit a $75,000 half-court shot.


    4. LeBron goes hard when it comes to Halloween costumes. Throughout the years he's dressed up as everyone from Pennywise, to Prince, and Danny Zuko.

    @KingJames / Via

    5. Once he dressed up as a Blaze Pizza employee, and tried to casually blend in while serving customers.

    ABC News / Via

    6. He proudly shares loving posts like this one to his wife on Instagram.

    @KingJames / Via

    7. Not to mention, LeBron is one of the world's most charitable athletes. His foundation pledged $41 million to send every kid who finishes his program to college.

    Fox Sports / Via

    8. His highly-criticized event, The Decision, actually raised $2.5 million for the Boys and Girls Club.


    9. And he designed a shoe for kids with disabilities, then helped deliver some of them himself.

    Nike Basketball / Via

    10. LeBron turns into a passionate fan like the rest of us when watching his sons play.

    @KingJames / Via

    11. He's also a big fan of wine, and the king of #VinoChronicles.

    @KingJames / Via

    12. He's not above expressing himself with a good, old-fashioned meme on social media.

    @KingJames / Via

    13. He's got great taste in television.

    @KingJames / Via

    14. He's not afraid to share his opinions of the behavior of politicians publicly.

    U bum @StephenCurry30 already said he ain't going! So therefore ain't no invite. Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!

    15. And he's used his platform to speak on social and political issues.

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    16. Though, sometimes he just uses his platform in a relatable manner, sharing his outfit of the day, just like anybody else who is feeling their look.

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    17. He's also brilliantly, subtly, petty. For example, one time he wore an "Ultimate Warrior," shirt, after beating the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

    In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Everything is earned. #OneForTheLand

    18. And of course, one of his most lovable traits that can't go without mention: his skilled, enthusiastic dancing. He dances before games...


    19. ...during games...


    20. ...and sometimes even directly after games.


    21. On top of ALL that, watching him play basketball is a real treat, and fans of the sport shouldn't take it for granted.

    Gregory Shamus / Getty Images

    Because let's be real, disliking LeBron James is the basketball equivalent of not liking puppies.