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    If You Watched The Disney Channel In The Early-'00s, These 19 Things Will Give You Intense Flashbacks

    ♫ Let's watch a Disney Channel movie! ♫

    1. The "Let's watch a Disney channel movie" song.

    2. Learning about your favorite Disney stars during the "Express Yourself" ads that aired at commercial breaks.

    3. Lindsay Lohan was great in two Disney Channel movies, Life-Size and Get A Clue.

    4. The Halloween themed movies Disney played in October.

    5. The Christmas themed movies Disney played in December.

    6. Sometimes Disney TV shows got their own movies.

    7. Sometimes the stars of your favorite Disney shows would pop-up playing completely different characters in Disney Channel movies.

    8. The song from Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, which is probably permanently embedded in your brain.

    9. A young Shia LeBouf showcased his acting abilities and took us on a feel trip in Tru Confessions.

    10. The Color of Friendship was one of, if not the most powerful Disney Channel Original movie of 'em all.

    11. Long before the Marvel Universe began putting out big budget hits, there was a family of superheroes in Up, Up and Away.

    12. "Zoog Disney" on the weekends.

    13. The Lawrence brothers were all up in everything.

    14. There was a movie about the Irish teenage boy who played an evil leprechaun in a game of basketball.

    15. Disney's outdoors, reality TV show for kids called Bug Juice.

    16. The various commercials that sent you to the internet to play Disney Channel games online.

    17. Disney's under-appreciated, legitimately eerie series So Weird, that was like The X-Files for kids.

    18. Staying up late to enjoy some "Vault Disney."

    19. And finally, the years of frustration watching all of the wasted romantic potential and will they/won't they tension between Lizzie and Gordo.