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    I Tried The Workout LeBron James Swears By For A Week And This Is What Happened

    A total body workout in 30 minutes.

    Hi, I’m Christopher, and I love the NBA (go Spurs!).

    I'm also a huge fan of LeBron James, not just because he's incredible on the basketball court, but because he strives for greatness off of it, and is seemingly always in the gym.

    So when I spotted the best basketball player on the planet (don’t @ me) frequently working out on an unfamiliar machine, I was intrigued.

    I did some in-depth research (aka I googled “What's the deal with that machine LeBron uses?") and discovered that it's a Versaclimber.

    I discovered that a lot of celebrities utilize Rise Nation's workouts when getting in tip-top condition. Lady Gaga did it to prepare for her Super Bowl performance, Alison Brie did it to get ready for GLOW, John Krasinski used it, as did Jennifer Aniston — the list goes on and on.

    I'm intrigued by a good old-fashioned celebrity endorsement, so I decided I wanted to try out Rise Nation for a week to see what it was all about.

    Rise Nation offers three different classes of increased difficulty: Level 1: Intro, Level 2: The Climb, and Level 3: Extreme.

    Here's how the week went:

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    Workout #1: Level 1 — Intro

    Workout #2: Level 2 — The Climb

    Workout #3: Level 2 — The Climb

    Note how LeBron says "One down!" indicating that he's planning on doing more working out after this.

    Workout #4: Level 2 — The Climb

    Workout #5: Level 3 — Extreme

    Shockingly, I didn't quite turn into LeBron James, who can take multiple classes in a day or supplement Versaclimber workouts with basketball practice and whatnot, but after a week I could fully appreciate Rise Nation's workouts for a number of reasons.

    Even though I only took five classes, I feel like I legitimately made progress in my conditioning. And the progress isn't just physical, it's mental.