15 Times People Totally Predicted The Future That Are Shocking And Impressive

    Of course "The Simpsons" predicted something right 21 years in advance.

    1. The Simpsons showed 20th Century Fox as a division of Walt Disney way back in 1998...

    ...and in March of 2019, that became a reality.

    headline announcing disney owns 21st century fox

    2. In 2010, Tyler The Creator tweeted that he would win a Grammy and get a show on Adult Swim.

    To Anyone Reading This, You Can Seriously Do What The Fuck You Want. I Will Have A Grammy. And I Will Get A Show On Adult Swim.


    Here's Tyler with his Grammy for Best Rap Album of 2020...

    tyler holding his grammy

    ...and here's a trailer for Loiter Squad, Tyler's Adult Swim series that ran for three seasons from 2012–2014 (and ended by choice.)

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    Adult Swim

    3. Community's Season 2 episode, "Intro to Political Science," depicted Joe Biden saying that he had a dream he was the "regular President."

    "I had a dream i was the regular president"

    You can watch the clip for yourself. The episode aired in February of 2011...

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    ...and nearly 10 years later, in January of 2021, Joe Biden was sworn in as the US President.

    biden standing next to jill as he gets sworn in

    4. Comic writer Mark Millar predicted that Robert Pattinson would be Bruce Wayne back in February 2017.

    Pattinson was announced as the star of The Batman over two years later, in May of 2019.

    headline announcing the part

    5. This comic by Gary Larson from 1990 that predicted the rise of lucrative roles in the video game industry.

    Nowadays, top level gamers can earn millions of dollars.

    highlights of the millions that could be made by playing

    6. In July 2017, @ItsMigdallTime tweeted, "I will outlive Mr. Peanut."

    In January 2020, the Mr. Peanut character was killed off.

    We’re devastated to confirm that Mr. Peanut is gone. He died doing what he did best – having people’s backs when they needed him most. #RIPeanut

    @MrPeanut / Via Twitter: @MrPeanut

    7. TIME warned us in May of 2017 that "WE ARE NOT READY FOR THE NEXT PANDEMIC."

    cover with text "we are not ready for the next pandemic"

    Less than two years later, COVID-19 would arise and even now, many still don't believe the world is pandemic-ready.

    headline claiming the world is not prepared for COVID-19

    8. A popular quote widely attributed to Mike Tyson states, "Social media made y'all way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it."

    In April 2022, a man repeatedly harassed Mike Tyson on a plane, and Tyson retaliated with punches.

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    9. This person manifested a Doctor Strange + Scarlet Witch film, tweeting this two months before Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness was announced at SDCC 2019.

    The movie was released almost three years to the day later, in May of 2022.

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    10. In 2021, Tom Holland described how Zendaya often nearly cuts herself while cooking...

    ...and in July 2022, Zendaya documented a cooking accident on her Instagram.

    zendaya under a headline about going to the hospital after cooking

    11. Someone predicted cell phones all the way back in 1953. They even foresaw that seeing people while you talk and translating languages would be options.

    Nowadays, video calls and Google Translate are both very much things you can do from your phone.

    person holding a phone with a translation on the screen

    12. Someone on Twitter guessed that Kanye would set himself on fire...

    ...nine years later, in September of 2021, Kanye did just that...

    headline announcing Kanye has set himself on fire

    ...here's a clip of Kanye on fire if you want to see it for yourself.

    Kanye set himself on fire tonight at the #DONDA listening event

    @TheInsomnious1 / Apple Music

    13. Idiocracy had a portrayal of a Fox News anchor that was pretty true-to-life 15 years later.

    14. NFL cornerback Marlon Humphrey tweeted in May 2017 that he wanted to be a top 100 player...

    ...and a bit over four years later, in August of 2021, Humphrey was ranked 38th in the NFL.

    NFL web page with Humphrey ranked 38

    15. And finally, in March of 2020, someone suggested McDonald's use "Return of the Mack" as their theme song when reopening dining rooms that were closed during the pandemic.

    Four months later, in July of 2020, McDonald's did exactly that in their ads.

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