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    15 Tweets About The Weird Death Of Planters Mascot, Mr. Peanut

    "Pouring out a big jar of chunky peanut butter for this filthy boi."

    If you haven't heard, Planters decided to kill off their famous mascot, Mr. Peanut. As you'd expect, the death of a fictional peanut mascot has resulted in a lot of jokes on Twitter. Here are the best of 'em.

    We’re devastated to confirm that Mr. Peanut is gone. He died doing what he did best – having people’s backs when they needed him most. #RIPeanut


    all the people with a nut allergy when they heard the mr. peanut yeeted himself #RIPeanut


    Mr. Peanut is in Hell. He spent decades as the smiling face of a company that sold the boiled and roasted corpses of his people as a snack


    Mr. Peanut was a real nasty freak. Simply a master of being hornt. Pouring out a big jar of chunky PB for this filthy boi. #RIPeanut


    we finally killed mr peanut. i hope that horny legume is in hell


    Can you imagine the meeting at the ad agency that did this? some former creative wearing a bucket hat who needed a 9-5 going "we should kill mr peanut"


    Mr. Peanut was a vampire capitalist who sent tens of millions of his own people to slaughter. The world is a better place without him in it. May he roast, deliciously, in peanut hell.


    Planters CEO: So what's your marketing plan? Marketing guy: I think we should kill Mr. Peanut haha jk CEO: Let's do it. Marketing guy: What? CEO: Kill him.


    i was just hanging out with Mr. Peanut. The last thing he said to me was “they are going to kill me Jim. All for some dumb ad campaign. Don’t let them do this to me” and i just... laughed in his face. we were so drunk at the time. Jesus Christ.


    They should’ve made Mr. Peanut sexy instead of killing him. Think about the green M&M: a fuckable brand mascot is timeless.


    Mr. Clean is lamenting the death of Mr. Peanut and now I'm not sure what's real anymore. I just need Mr. Coffee to tell me things are going to be all right. #RIPeanut


    @MrPeanut We, too, would sacrifice it all for the nut #RIPeanut (a real one).



    When you see #RIPeanut trending but then remember you are allergic to peanuts


    I'm so sad Mr. Peanut died. I heard he was killed. He should have had a better ending than being assaulted nut.


    [super bowl cuts to commercial break] camera slowly pans along a desolate, stony valley. embedded in the hills we see a large boulder. the camera gets closer. the stone slowly begins to move, revealing a tomb. out of the darkness, he appears. it's mr. peanut. he has risen!