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    14 Crazy-Ass ’90s Sitcom Fan Theories That'll Blow Your Mind

    You'll never be able to look at these shows the same way.

    1. On Full House, Joey was actually the father of Michelle, Stephanie, and D.J.

    2. Carl Winslow killed Steve Urkel on Family Matters.

    3. That ’70s Show is a Happy Days sequel.

    4. Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle grew up to be Walter White.

    5. Toy Story is a sequel to Roseanne.

    6. Home Improvement takes place in the same universe as Toy Story.

    7. Tim from Home Improvement is Jesus.

    8. Zack from Saved by the Bell was actually an unpopular kid who dreamed of being the cool guy.

    9. Modern Family is a sequel to Married...With Children.

    10. Kramer from Seinfeld had a wife, but she died.

    11. Everyone on Seinfeld wasn't at Jerry's apartment as often as it seemed.

    12. Hank Hill wasn't Bobby's real father on King of the Hill.

    13. Boy Meets World was shown through Cory's eyes.

    14. Will Smith was being taken to heaven during the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air intro.