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    The Last Shots From The Final Episode Of 26 Classic ‘90s TV Shows

    Their very last moment.

    1. Family Matters


    The last shot is of Laura and Steve sharing a final kiss in the two-part finale, "Lost in Space."

    2. Boy Meets World

    Buena Vista Television

    At the end of the two-part "Brave New World," Mr. Feeny dismisses Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Eric from class one last time.

    3. Dinosaurs


    This profoundly grim finale episode titled, "Changing Nature" ends with the extinction of dinosaurs looming. The Sinclair family's house is shown covered in snow, as is the wax fruit factory that was built on a crucial species of beetles and began the ice age. As the end credits roll, there's one last dark news report from Howard Handupme.

    4. Saved by the Bell


    The finale episode "Graduation" ends with Zack and company graduating, tossing their caps in the air.

    5. Seinfeld


    In "The Finale," Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer are in a holding cell, about to head to prison. The end credits show Jerry performing stand-up for a crowd of fellow prisoners, before being escorted off by a prison guard in the final shot.

    6. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


    In the two-part finale, "I, Done," after the rest of the family has left, Will enjoys a final moment in the home, then exits and we're left with a final shot of the empty Bel-Air mansion.

    7. Full House

    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    In the two-part finale, "Michelle Rides Again," the last thing we see is the family together in the living room, sharing a happy moment.

    8. Rugrats


    The last episode of Rugrats, "Fountain of Youth / Kimi Takes the Cake" ends with a shot of Tommy and company happily doing some crowdsurfing.

    9. Hey Arnold!


    This shot is from "Grandpa's Packard," which was the final episode to air, though it wasn't meant to be. The last episode as production intended was titled, "The Journal," which made much more sense as an ending because it explained the story of Arnold's parents.

    10. Kenan & Kel


    "Tales from the Clip," which was a compilation of clips from past Kenan & Kel episodes. The final shot we see is Kel hurrying off after the silly duo shares one last "Aw, here it goes" moment.

    11. Wonder Years


    In the series finale, "Independence Day," the last thing we see is Kevin Arnold and his father talking in the kitchen, then outside of the house, we get a view of the neighborhood with fireworks in the sky as Kevin delivers a closing narration.

    12. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers


    The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers finale is actually pretty sad, but they were transitioning into Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers and Power Rangers Zeo. Still, the final shot we see is of the defeated group of Power Rangers, after a villain turned back time and made them all helpless children.

    13. Doug


    "Doug Graduates/Doug's Bad Trip," was the final episode prior to Disney taking over the Doug series. The final shot is of Doug and his family enjoying the scenery on a road trip that went awry, but wound up worth it.

    14. Martin

    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    In the series finale of Martin, we see Martin leaving his apartment to start a new life, as he writes "1 Luv" on the wall, says "thank you," and leaves.

    15. Animaniacs

    Warner Bros. Television

    In the last episode, "Birds On A Wire/The Scoring Session/The Animaniacs Suite," the final thing we see is the trio about to be wrangled up in nets.

    16. Dawson's Creek

    Sony Pictures Television

    In the final Dawson's Creek episode, "...Must Come to An End," the last thing we see is a photograph of Dawson and his friends on his desk, then it cuts to a scene of the crew at the beach in the first season.

    17. Recess


    The finale of Recess, titled "Lost Leader" ends with one last shot of the gang, as their fearless leader T.J. reassures them that he has a plan to avoid detention after Vince breaks a window playing baseball.

    18. Salute Your Shorts


    The 26th and final episode of Salute Your Shorts ends with Donkey lips boasting after making money off of birdhouses, then walking off with the crew who helped him sell them.

    19. The Secret World of Alex Mack


    In "Paradise Regained," the last thing we're shown is Alex smiling, with the cure to get rid of her powers in hand, though we don't see whether or not she takes it.

    20. X-Men


    In the series finale, "Graduation Day," the last thing shown is a gathering of the X-Men along with Magneto, as they watch an ailing Professor Xavier get flown out on Lilandra's craft to a place that can heal him.

    21. Frasier


    On the finale episode titled, "Goodnight, Seattle" Frasier is on a plane telling a story to the woman sitting next to him. This story leads the viewer to believe he's on a plane to San Francisco for a job, but when it lands, we learn he's in Chicago, where his girlfriend had moved. His final line to the woman next to him — "Wish me luck."

    22. Home Improvement


    In the three-part finale, "The Long and Winding Road," the last thing we see is Tim and Jill literally moving their entire house, first connected to a truck, then a tugboat streaming across water.

    23. Roseanne


    After some twists and revelations on the two-part finale titled, "Into That Good Night" it all comes to an end with a shot of Roseanne sitting on the couch after she finished up her classic monologue.

    24. Step by Step


    The final episode of Step by Step, titled "Movin' on Up" ends with the family together in the kitchen, and the last shot is of a happy Carol and Frank.

    25. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch


    On the finale of Sabrina the Teenage Witch titled "Soul Mates," the last thing we see is Sabrina on the back on Harvey's motorcycle as the two drive off.

    26. Friends


    In "The Last One," after the Friends crew leaves the apartment, we're shown the iconic door with the peephole frame one final time.

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