17 Jokes You'll Only Understand If You're A Homebody Through And Through

    "Nothing saves money like being antisocial."

    1. Honestly, staying in is usually in your best interest financially.

    2. But sometimes you actually consider going out and it's a profound internal debate.

    3. It can be tough coming up with reasons not to go out.

    4. So sometimes you have to fabricate your reason for staying in.

    5. And sometimes you pretend to be somewhat interested in going out just to be polite.

    6. But other times you just straight up lie.

    7. But other times you agree to plans that you fully intend on going to.

    8. You can hope the other person doesn't follow up with you on the plans.

    9. Or you could rely on being busy as an excuse, even if it's not accurate.

    10. There's always a chance plans will fall apart.

    11. But other times you can't escape them, and you find yourself out.

    12. While out, you deal with nonsense like this.

    13. Or this.

    14. Or even this.

    15. It'll make you wish you'd just been brutally honest to begin with.

    16. Like, BRUTALLY honest.

    17. And afterwards you're left imagining the great lengths you could go to, to get out of plans in the future.