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    23 Realities All Servers Face During The Holidays

    Tip or go HO HO HOME!

    1. Your manager calls to order the dreaded all-hands-on-deck team meeting.

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    Agenda: To rip you a new one about how terrible you've all been doing as a team thus far and that "things around here" are going to change when the busy holiday season falls upon us.

    2. The selection of which holidays you will be selling your soul to the restaurant.

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    This basically means a blood bath between your coworkers for early lunch shifts.

    3. If you're scheduled to work, YOU'RE GETTING TO WORK no matter how Mother Nature is behaving.

    #Bossesbelike... "You still coming in, right?" When the roads are covered in snow and too dangerous to drive.

    Future M.D.@afuturemdFollow

    #Bossesbelike... "You still coming in, right?" When the roads are covered in snow and too dangerous to drive.

    2:38 AM - 17 Mar 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    4. It's not all bad... you get to test taste all the new holiday menu features.

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    5. Your bladder is about to explode, but that's irrelevant because your section is packed and the restaurant is on a wait.

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    When did it get this busy? It's NEVER this busy. Time to cancel your gym membership because the amount of cardio you get after one shift will keep you in tip-top shape.

    6. Serving guests full of holiday cheer.

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    Holiday shoppers that stop by for "a quick bite to eat" salvage the perfect combination of hunger and impatience to make for the snappiest, rudest people you've ever dealt with. If anything goes wrong during their dining experience, it is OFF with your head.

    7. The non-stop coffee and tea requests.

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    "May I have a double shot mocha expresso macchiato Ariana Grande?" No.

    8. The constant bar supply stock fails.

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    "May I start you off with something to drink?"

    *scans drink menu* "Sure, may I have a Yuengling Lager?"

    "Absolutely, I'll be right back" *punches in drink order and runs to the bar*

    bartender: "We ran out of Yuengling Lager bottles yesterday..."


    9. "Where's the restroom?"

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    10. During rushes, your coworkers become barbaric savages.

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    There are three food-ordering computer screens in the restaurant and 10 servers on. ~May the odds be forever in your favor~

    11. Side work becomes a thing of the past.

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    Straws, silverware, clean glasses become mini treasures you cherish and will not (for the life of you) let go of.

    12. Then again, there are always those star employees...

    To the servers that stay on top of their sidework!!


    To the servers that stay on top of their sidework!!

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    13. Your restaurant becomes a Chuck E. Cheese.

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    Pre-set sugar caddies are the hottest toys on the market right now.

    14. Holding back chuckles to food mispronunciations.

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    Accents become more prevalent during the holiday season because of all the traveling that occurs. Salmon, andouille sauce...even the word water, sometimes make for a small mental smile.

    15. Smiling graciously when you hear worst combination of words in a server's dictionary... "I have a coupon."

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    Of course I'll process your expired 13-month-old coupon for 20% off that you definitely will not factor into the tip.

    16. "Bye, everyone! It was a pleasure!! Have a Merry Christmas!!!" and the table takes off like:

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    You have to be über considerate of everyone's religious observations during this time.

    17. When the struggle needs change.

    18. The straight up stiffing rage.

    This is my life .... On $73.09.... What the fucking fuck

    Server Bitch@Server_BitchFollow

    This is my life ....

    On $73.09....

    What the fucking fuck

    5:39 PM - 12 Oct 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

    19. The emotional roller coaster your life becomes.

    Omg I just got a 50 dollar tip!!!!! 😱

    20. Not eating a solid meal for fourteen hours.

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    Weekends and holidays mean no breaks in the service industry, especially when you're working a double on any short-staffed day.

    21. HOWEVER, because you've been so busy... It's already time to clean your section.

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    Running around like a chicken with its head cut off pays off... whaaaat?

    22. Strutting out of that joint $250 richer.

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