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    18 Things That Are Stylish, Under $20, *And* Have Pockets

    Skirts, leggings, and other items with pockets that'll actually hold stuff.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

     Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. High-waisted leggings that have side and waist pockets to hold your essentials. Reviewers said their phones stayed in place during each of their workouts.

    2. An extra roomy, lightweight sweatshirt so loose-fit, you can probably get away with wearing this as a dress if you size up.

    Reviewer wearing the sweatshirt with two side pockets in leopard print

    3. An A-line midi skirt, because it's a closet essential that'll pair with everything from T-shirts to blouses.

    Reviewer wearing the skirt in black

    4. A sweatshirt dress so you can stop sizing up to wear that hoodie without pants. It's super roomy and ultra-relaxed so there are practically no downsides.

    Reviewer wearing the midi sweatshirt dress in cream

    5. This oversized shift dress that's quite frankly a miracle birthed from my WFH dreams. It's got massive pockets so you can carry around lotion, a charging cable, headphones, remotes, and other things you love keeping within reach.

    6. A pleated midi skirt to instantly upgrade any top you pair it with (even that old T-shirt you've held on to since middle school). Bonus: The pleats will disguise the pockets to make your phone less bulky.

    Reviewer wearing the skirt in yellow

    7. Baggy cotton overalls reminiscent of your favorite elementary school art teacher. They're not made of restrictive denim, so you can actually move around in them.

    8. A fleece sweatshirt that's super fuzzy yet light enough to avoid feeling like a literal sauna. It have phenomenally deep pockets, so you can ditch your purse altogether.

    Reviewer wearing the fuzzy pullover in white, brown, and pink pattern

    9. An oversized tunic top so you can nail that relaxed-yet-together look that represents the past year of WFH. And it's definitely sweater-weather approved!

    Reviewer wearing the tunic top in gray

    10. A lace-trim T-shirt dress, because it's giving Alice in Wonderland and youthful bliss. If you're into cottagecore, definitely consider this.

    Reviewer wearing the lace-trim long-sleeve dress in purple

    11. A pair of the coziest jogger pants you'll ever step into. Reviewers are saying you won't want to take these off.

    A model wearing the jogger pants

    12. High-waisted bike shorts that have not one, not two, but THREE pockets, so you can be totally prepared for any problems that arise on your day out. Reviewers love that these shorts don't pinch their thighs!

    A reviewer wearing bike shorts

    13. A whimsical dress because it's lightweight and super cute, and therefore an ideal loungewear staple.

    A model wearing the dress

    14. A pastel color-block knit cardigan to expand your color palette while also channeling the innocence of a kindergarten teacher. These colors will immediately brighten any room you enter.

    Reviewer wearing the rainbow striped cardigan

    15. An asymmetrical tunic for anyone who's not afraid to make a statement and try something different. Wear this to reduce your heat bill or just for chilly morning walks.

    Model wearing the long sleeve top in blue with black and white striped details on hem and sleeves

    16. A crewneck sweater for people who will be living in loungewear for the foreseeable future (me). Of course, it has pockets for whatever you simply can't live without.

    Reviewer wearing the sweater in grey with pockets on both sides

    17. A cinched midi dress with elastic in the waist to give your boobs the spotlight. Sometimes you just need something to throw on to head to the corner store — this is it.

    Reviewer wearing the dress in gray

    18. An adorable pair of denim shorts that tie at the side in case you wanted to switch things up and wear something a bit more interesting than your average pair of jorts.

    A model wearing the shorts

    Your past self attempting to use fake pockets:

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