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31 Cheap Products Makeup Addicts Swear By

The only shopping list you need. The products in this post were updated in March 2018.

We asked members of the Buzzfeed Community to tell us their favorite cheap beauty products. Here are their thrifty and fabulous results:

1. Liquid liner from e.l.f. that lasts all day.

2. Mascara from Maybelline that has a tiny brush to cover every lash.

3. A microbrow pencil from NYX that's an incredible dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz pencil.

4. Butter lipstick from NYX that's glossy and moisturizing.

5. Nail sets from Kiss that give you perfect manicures.

6. Facial moisturizer from Trader Joe's that doesn't leave your face feeling greasy.

7. Blush from Milani that's vibrant but subtle on the cheeks.

8. Sulfur soap, which magically helps with acne problems.

9. Lipsticks, lip stains, and eyeshadows from ColourPop that won't ever come off.

10. Liquid concealer from Catrice that eliminates dark circles.

11. Face powder from Coty that's soft and matte.

12. Carbon black mascara from L'Oréal that never clumps.

13. Makeup brushes from EcoTools that last for years.

14. Foundation from Maybelline that works wonders on oily skin.

15. Bronzer from Physician's Formula that smells like coconut.

16. Eyebrow gel from Essence with a mascara-like applicator.

17. Blotting powder from NYX that puts an end to oily faces.

18. Top coat from Seche Vite that dries your nails in less than 5 minutes.

19. Star Wars lipsticks from CoverGirl that make your lips look out of this world.

20. Eyeshadow from Makeup Revolution that gives Naked a run for its money.

21. Eyeshadow primer from Milani that works like a dream on oily lids.

22. Makeup remover from e.l.f. that lets you precisely fix makeup errors.

23. Concealer from NYX that's lightweight but doesn't skimp on coverage.

24. Aftershave from Nivea that's secretly an amazing primer.

25. A blending sponge from Real Techniques that gives you flawless coverage.

26. Setting spray from e.l.f. that puts your makeup in place even when the rest of your body is melting.

27. Primer from Rimmel that's perfect for any no-makeup look.

28. Eyeshadow from Maybelline that stays vibrant all day.

29. Moisturizer from Aquaphor that miraculously helps dry skin.

30. Primer from e.l.f. that smooths out even the largest of pores.

31. Illuminator from NYX that gives your face a gorgeous glow.

Now you can buy ALL the makeup and feel beautiful, inside and out. 💄💄💄

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The comments for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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