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    15 Gifts For "Schitt's Creek" Fans That Aren't Undrinkable Fruit Wine

    Oh Schitt, I've got to have these.

    Suffice to say, we're ~obsessed~ with Schitt's Creek

    1. Get your very own version of Alexis's signature monogram necklace

    2. A Schitt's Creek inspired adult coloring book to help you express creativity and reduce anxiety

    3. Pay tribute to some of David's best fashion statements with these tree ornaments

    4. Channel your inner Alexis with this hand-stamped keychain

    5. This adorable sticker inspired by David's sweaters and Alexis's catchphrase will instantly make any notebook or water bottle more stylish

    6. This cross-stitch pattern serves as a perfect reminder of how to make Moira's world-famous enchiladas

    7. Tell your friends how you really feel with this Moira Rose enamel pin

    8. A birthday card featuring Moira's iconic-fruit wine commercial

    9. Keep Johnny Rose's fallen video-rental empire alive with this vintage-style tee

    10. Be the coolest house on the block with this not-so-welcoming doormat

    11. Pray at the altar of the Rose Family with these saint candles

    12. These hand-poured artisan candles that definitely don't smell like Schitt

    13. Stop acting like a disgruntled pelican in the mornings and start your day off right with this Moira mug

    14. Totally channel your inner Alexis with this inspirational-quote decal

    15. And lastly, make David and Patrick proud with this reusable tote bag