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    31 Inexpensive Things From Walmart That’ll Help You Save Money In The Long Run

    Because spending money on the "little things" always seems to add up.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A SodaStream sparkling water maker because plain ol' water can get kinda boring, but buying all those fancy seltzer drinks can get kinda pricey. Here's your solution.

    Abby Kass / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "It's a great way to make your own sparkling drink for cheap. It only takes a minute or two to make and it has an authentic taste. It's a great way to encourage drinking and easy to do without adding significant calories. It's also a fun activity to make. Overall, a very cool product."—sg

    Price: $49.88

    2. An eyebrow waxing wand kit so you can save yourself the time and money it requires to go to the salon every two weeks. Oh, and there's no heat required — so you can save yourself from a little pain, too.

    Box for eyebrow wax wand kit with woman's face on cover next to green wax pen image and green logo for Nad's

    Promising review: "I am very sensitive to many waxes that are used for eyebrows. I got this and was worried about the irritation I would get. I tried it out and I love this product. It is the best wax I have found for eyebrows. Minimal irritation to the area and very easy to clean from skin. Also very easy to apply to skin and more precise than others I have tried. I will definitely buy this product again in the future."—Brittany

    Price: $7.99

    3. An Instant Pot that will basically cook your meals for you! You won't have to dedicate a ton of time to that home-cooked meal plus your wallet won't have to worry about you ordering out. For the 10th time this week. Yikes.

    Silver instant pot with black lid in back of mac n cheese, broccoli,  and a cheesecake

    Promising review: "This is one of the best things I have bought in a long time! It really eases the chore of cooking! The foods we can make are unstoppable! Cheesecakes, too!! I am in love with it!"—Emberfire

    Price: $79

    4. An electric keyless door lock so you never have to worry about losing or replacing a key — or calling a locksmith due to your shortcomings.

    the stainless steel keyless door lock

    Promising review: "It took me 20 minutes to get this installed and working. I setup the app on my phone and all the pass-codes etc at work by installing the batteries in the lock prior to installing it in the door. I have several people in and out of my house weekly and having individual codes for each person is awesome! It also came with one of the FOB's which I wasn't expecting. Overall, I love it!"—Woodbury

    Price: $49.99

    5. A dog grooming kit because our pets are just as high maintenance as we are. Fortunately, we can cut down on some beauty costs by grooming them ourselves — after all, they'll look cute no matter what. (We can't say the same for cutting our own bangs.)

    the black and stainless steel grooming tools and black carrying case

    This includes a buzzer, comb, four buzzer attachments, blade oil and cleaning brush, blade guard, scissors, and a black storage case.

    Promising review: "With my groomer overbooked and my dogs matted and hairy, I was desperate when I ordered this. Arrived next day. Clipper was quiet, heavy-duty and effective. Large areas of hair were shaved in seconds. Extensive directions for cutting with different blades make work a breeze. Biggest surprise was the scissors. The sharp edge cut tangled fur with ease. No problem recommending this."—Freeadvice

    Price: $29.97

    6. A Rubbermaid food saver storage container complete with a crisper tray to keep away moisture and vent filter that helps your produce stay fresher long. Forget just saving money, how about saving trips to the grocery store as well? Sign us up.

    Small plastic container with blueberries and raspberries, white and green ventilated lid

    Promising review: "I am a wife and a mom. I am always trying to get my family to eat a healthy meal. So, buying fresh fruits and vegetables is something I do EVERY week...The problem I have is when I buy all this fresh produce it rots before we can eat it all. I find myself trying to hurry to eat it in order to avoid it going bad. Let's not even mention how expensive this is to throw away! So, I decided to try the Rubbermaid Fresh Works...Well, I put some blueberries in this container and I am very pleased with the results. After nine days my blueberries look great! Normally, they would be covered with mold. I am excited to try this with my strawberries, because we pick a lot of strawberries during straw picking season and this would come in handy!"—Roshonne

    Price: $12.35

    7. An at-home dry cleaner starter kit so you can get the most wear out of your favorite delicates without having to break the bank every time they need to be cleaned. The set includes dry cleaning cloths, a stain remover pen, a fabric protector bag, and wrinkle releaser for the full dry cleaning experience.

    White packaging for Dryel dry cleaning clothes with red and black detailing and red Dryel logo

    Promising review: "What a great product that is so inexpensive and convenient to use. I wish I had known about it sooner. I had at least five dresses that had been hanging in my closet for months and in just under an hour I was able to clean them all. Love this product!"—Sherry

    Price: $9.97

    8. A mini exercise bike that will save you from spending money on workout classes and have you working out while working from home.

    Blonde woman in black sports bra and gray shorts on black chair using mini cycling machine in front of her

    Promising review: "I love the bike. With being stuck in the house now for longer hours working "at the dining room table" I can at least get my feet and legs moving and it fits nicely under the table."—Kathy

    Price: $63.97

    9. A reliable Bissell carpet and floor sweeper so you don't have to vacuum (ie: use electricity) for your weekly cleaning, plus it's great for carpet upkeep!

    Silver bissell sweeper with black detailing sweeping dirt off wooden floor

    Promising review: "I wanted something to use on a living room area rug without getting my vacuum out. It works great and I have started to use it in my kitchen to take care of my kitty litter trail. Old school works !"—Barbara
    b>Price: $28.96

    10. A Brita water bottle with a built-in filter so you can save money and save the environment, one less one-use plastic container at a time. Look at you.

    Image of blue filtered brita water bottle in front of crumpled plastic water bottles with blue background

    Promising review: "This holds the perfect amount of water for a workout. You can get your water from any tap and know that is is filtered. Thick plastic and durable."—kelley

    Price: $19.94

    11. Reusable snack bags so that you don't have to rely on expensive, single-use plastic going forward.

    10 pack of reusable plastic bags with various fruits and snacks inside

    Promising review: "We have been using these every day for a week and I am in love. Buying more today. No leaks, easy to wash, NO MORE single use plastic baggies thrown away daily. Biggest struggle was how to dry them. I have been leaving them open, on top of upside down cups and it has worked perfectly. Teenagers take them to sports/school and I can carry snacks for toddler. Perfect! Love them!"—SH

    Price: $16.99

    12. A heated blanket that'll help you hold off turning the heat on until you really have to.

    Red throw blanket over tan colored couch

    Promising review: "We have had electric throw before. They are a lifesaver during the winter since we cannot afford to turn on our heater. With the throws we only have to heat a small area. My only dislike is the fact that there was very little, actually no choice in colors. But since we are the only ones who see it, that is OK. The warmth is the important part."—WalmartCustomer

    Price: $24.96

    13. A pack of LED energy efficient light bulbs so you can leave a light on or two without the impending guilt from your next electricity bill.

    Viribright light bulb with green and blue logo on bulb next to image of bulbs in 12 pack

    Promising review: "Better quality and more bright than other brands. I have tried to use similar products from other major hardware stores. This one is the best of all (so far). The only disadvantage is the price is a little higher, but definitely worth it."—Aplus1

    Price: $16.49

    14. A simple drying rack because we don't want to scare you but in case you didn't know, drying your clothes (even in your own home!) can get kinda expensive.

    Drying rack with red shirt, blue shirt and gray sweater in laundry room with wood floor

    Promising review: "Wanting to be more environmentally friendly and save energy, I needed a rack to hold my lightweight clothing items outside. Not wanting a wooden rack, I selected this one. Nice finish and folds up small when not needed..."—AlAllen1

    Price: $27.20

    15. A low-flow shower head that uses up to 40% less water than your typical shower head, saving you some money on your utility bills. Yes, that means you can take a longer shower sans guilt.


    Promising review: "I spent ALOT of time researching looking for a product with solid metal bracket, a good quality LONG hose AND 2.5 GPM that didn't break the bank and this not only fits the bill but is by far the best I have found. Hose is long and very flexible. Adjustable bracket is solid metal, which means it won't crack in a couple years and start spewing water up to the ceiling. Whether you have low water pressure or are simply want a durable quality handheld shower head, this one can't be beat."—nelson

    Price: $60.06

    16. A Keurig compact coffee maker because those $5 trips to the coffee shop every week (or every day) really, really add up.

    Black Keurig machine with white coffee mug

    Promising review: "This is a great alternative to a traditional coffee pot. One cup, when you want it. Make coffee, teas, hot cocoa, or just hot water for instant dinners."—misee10b

    Price: $59

    17. A toothpaste squeezer that will save you the frustration of getting the last bits of toothpaste out before giving up and throwing away the whole tube. This little tool will help you get every. last. drop.

    White toothpaste squeezer on Colgate toothpaste and four squeezers at the bottom in white, green, red and blue

    Promising review: "What can I say. For you people who squeeze the toothpaste tubes in the middle and for the significant others or spouses who cannot train them, this is your first step toward nirvana."—DonT

    Price: $6.95

    18. A Makeup Eraser cloth so you can forgo your usual makeup removing wipes. Just add water and voila — clean face, no wipes, no weekly trip to the store to buy more.

    BuzzFeed staffer Jennifer Tonti wiping off makeup with pink cloth

    Promising review: "I love this eraser to clean my face. I was using makeup remover wipes, they removed the makeup but left a sticky film on my face. This Eraser removes all my makeup, even my waterproof mascara. My face feels so clean, then I follow that with my evening routine of eye cream and moisturizer. It's amazing!"—Linda

    Price: $16.96+ (available in five colors)

    19. A pack of microfiber towels that are just as efficient and convenient as paper towels, but don't have to constantly be replaced (aka: purchased).

    Packaging for Quickie microfiber clothes with Quickie logo and image of hand using cloth on clear package of blue clothes

    Promising reviews: "Great for cleaning anything and saving money as I do not require as many paper towels and comes out like new from the washer."—unhappy

    Price: $10.99

    20. A deep conditioning hair mask because who doesn't love that fresh-out-of-the-salon feel? Even better without the fresh-out-of-the-salon price if you ask us. This conditioner is made with argan oil that moisturizes and restores dry, damaged hair.

    Brown tub of Argan Oil deep conditioner with yellow and blue label

    Promising review: "Discovered this in a beauty box and fell in love. It makes my hair so soft!"—Dayna

    Price: $4.77

    21. A handheld vacuum sealer that is easy to use and will help you conserve food for longer.

    Hand holding black cylindrical Food Saver vacuum sealer with silver button on the top, sealing a bag of celery

    Promising review: "This is small, portable, simple and when used with the appropriate vacuum seal bags, effective. I did not want a cumbersome, heavy and expensive machine that I have no room to store. This is wonderful!'—domenica121

    Price: $24.98

    22. A pack of reusable travel bottles so you don't have to spend extra on the travel sizes of your favorite products. Yes, they're cute, but they add up.

    Pink, blue, purple and green travel size bottles in clear plastic bag

    Promising review: "All four containers are clear, not colored, which I prefer. The caps stay on and the bottles do not leak. I use them for liquid hand sanitizer which I keep in my car and my purse. These work great."—LolaBCollie

    Price: $6.23

    23. The Family Handyman handbook that you can consult before paying someone to fix your household problems. They may be easier to solve than you think!

    100 Things Every Home Owner Must Know book cover

    Price: $19.36

    24. A double-sided draft stopper so you can save the money that is quite literally being thrown out the door.

    Brown draft door stopper on opened maroon colored, front door

    Promising review: "This was so easy to install. It made a major difference in the amount of cold air escaping in the heat and heat staying in the house when I woke to 27 degrees! My only concern is how well the sleeve is going to hold up and look by the end of the season. I'll get back to you on that!"—sausage5

    Price: $12.86

    25. LED solar paneled lawn lights that'll light up your walkway without dimming your back account.

    Six black windowed lawn lamps in grass along stone walkway

    Promising review: "I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I got the package I was impressed with the size of these lights. Promptly took them out to my vegetable garden so they would help me see any little critters at night. After a full day charge, I was pleasantly surprised at how long they lasted. I've had these a few weeks and they are holding up wonderfully, even through a torrential rainstorm we recently had."—Harmonytx444

    Price: $3.47

    26. A fully stocked at-home repair tool kit with 239 (!!) different tools so you can tackle your home repairs yourself. No hiring of a professional required—this even includes a screwdriver, wrench, and a pair of pliers for every repair imaginable.

    Black Workpro tool box with blue and orange tools, metal tools and image of black tackle box

    Promising reviews: "This tool set is a great starter set for the future mechanic and/or home do-your-selfer. There is a nice selection of wrenches and sockets, screwdrivers, wire cutters, and a whole lot more!"—FalconsRider

    Price: $79

    27. A glass screen protector that will save you tons of money when you inevitably crack your phone's screen.

    clear privacy screen on black iPhone

    Promising review: "I let my daughter have it because she kept begging lol. She loves it. She was always scratching her phone don't know how but she was. She put it on her phone and hasn't had a scratch or broken it yet. I recommed this product it does the job it's suppose to do. Thank you."—Slim02272

    Price: $17.88 (available for iphones 6 to 11 Pro Max)

    28. Charging cable protectors because we all know how easy it is to break our chargers and how annoying it is to constantly replace them. Plus, these lil protectors are soo cute.

    Rubber goldfish protector on charging cable attached to phone with picture of eight other animal cable protectors

    Promising review: "These little things work great. I haven't needed a new cord since I got this over a year ago."—Brandi

    Price: $10

    29. Produce protector powder that will extend the longevity of the produce in your fridge. Sprinkle a bit on your cut-up fruits and veggies to prevent browning and premature disposal.

    Bottle of Fruit Fresh produce protector powder with green cap and red Fruit Fresh logo

    Promising review: "I freeze a lot of peaches and Fruit Fresh keeps them at their best quality and prevents browning."—Charlotte

    Price: $3.48

    30. A Rubbermaid compartmentalized container that might encourage you to prep your own lunch instead of spending money on lunch every day.

    Clear container with gray lid filled with nuts, beets and salad on top of smaller container with grapes and nuts

    Promising review: "Rubermaid could not have made a better product. This product is in every since of the word BRILLIANT. I have gotten rid of all other rubbermaid containers and replaced them with the Brilliance containers. I have already recommended this product to friends and family..."—Angel69

    Price: $20

    31. A money saving classic: the coin jar. See a penny, pick it up— drop it in this coin counting coin jar to put all your spare change to use.

    the clear coin counting jar

    Promising review: "I bought this coin jar a few days ago and I LOVE IT. It counts the money accurately, and it's pretty satisfying to push the coins in. For the price, its way better than I expected. I give 5 stars!"—Nubah101

    Price: $5.97

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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