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    Pedro Pascal Was On Double Dimension Daddy Duty In Both "The Last Of Us" And "The Mandalorian" This Week — Here's What I Mean

    Pedro Pascal was on double dimension daddy duty in two shows this week.

    If you’re a fan of Pedro Pascal, then you know we’ve been in for a treat for a few weeks. By that I mean, we get new episodes featuring Pedro from two hit series he’s starring in. New episodes of The Last of Us air on Sundays and The Mandalorian on Wednesdays. And this week, Pedro was on double dimension daddy duty in both shows.

    pedro pascal as joel in the last of us with ellie and in the mandalorian with grogu

    In two different (pretend) universes, Pedro’s babies showed growth this week, both saving their daddy and growing the ever sweet bond between them. On Sunday's episode of The Last of Us, Pedro, who plays Joel in the show, didn’t have a lot of screen time, as Joel was recovering from a stab wound in the basement of an abandoned house.

    ellie gives water to an injured joel in the last of us

    The episode mainly focused on Ellie — who is Joel’s ward but really for all intents and purposes, his chosen daughter — and her fight for their survival, which meant leaving ~daddy ~ to find him medicine and then surviving the predators who supplied her with it.

    bella ramsey as ellie holding gun in the last of us

    Later in the week, Pedro, who is also starring as Din Djarin in the third season of The Mandalorian, found himself incapacitated in this show, too.

    djarin fighting cybrog in mandalore

    This time, his character narrowly escaped an attack by Alamites (troll-like creatures), only to get captured by a Cyborg in the depths of Mandalore.

    cyborg in mandalore

    His chosen baby in this series, the adorable Grogu, was with him when it happened and he, like Ellie, had to save daddy’s ass. But luckily, unlike Ellie – who had to fight to the death, Grogu managed to sneakily but narrowly escape before later returning with backup, Bo—Katan. Together, they released Djarin from the cyborgs' metal trap, letting daddy live another day.

    So there you have it. It’s happened in two dimensions in the television multiverse. Daddy and baby find each other, daddy saves baby, baby saves daddy. This is the way.

    “I feel like if Grogu and Ellie met, they would ditch me and be like, ‘Bye, besties.'” – Pedro Pascal

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