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    Zedd Just Tweeted A Picture With Himself And Kesha In The Studio And OMG

    What is air.

    Not even two weeks after Zedd treated the crowds at Coachella with a surprise performance from Kesha during his set, the DJ tweeted out a photo of the two in the studio together on Tuesday:


    YUP, that's Kesha! ✔️ ✔️ ✔️

    It's unclear why the two are in the studio together and how it affects her ongoing legal battle with Dr. Luke and her record label, but either way, we're happy to see the pop star in the studio again!

    1. What do you hope the pair is working on?

      Twitter: @Zedd
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    What do you hope the pair is working on?
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      A studio version of their Coachella collab!
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      New music as a new band!
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      Anything. I'LL TAKE ANYTHING!

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