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Updated on Apr 12, 2019. Posted on Jan 24, 2019

The Cast Of "Rent: Live" Took Our "Which Famous Musical Are You?" Quiz, And Now You Can Too

Only five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred possible results.

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With the upcoming broadcast of Rent: Live this Sunday, we had Vanessa Hudgens, Jordan Fisher, and Tinashe from the anticipated television musical take our "Which Famous Musical Are You" quiz...


...and spoiler alert: none of their results rhyme with Shment: Live. 😉

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Now it's your turn! Take the quiz below to find out which famous musical you are and compare your results with the cast:

  1. Choose a TV musical adaptation you can't get enough of

  2. What would be the best part about performing on Broadway?

  3. Choose a vacation destination in between gigs

  4. Choose a yet-to-be-made musical adaptation of a classic movie to be your star vehicle

  5. Finally, choose a bouquet of flowers you'd want to receive after a performance

Don't forget to check out Rent: Live, airing Sunday, Jan. 27 on FOX.


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