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    Tom Felton Revealed He Was Terrified Of Alan Rickman While Filming "Harry Potter"

    The famous Brit stopped by BuzzFeed to talk about his new series Origin, along with spilling some tea on some past fan-favorite projects.

    Tom Felton — AKA everyone's ultimate Slytherin crush — stopped by BuzzFeed to answer YOUR fan questions while spilling some throwback tea on Harry Potter and other past fan-favorite projects...

    ...and boy oh muggle, was the tea delicious!

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    1. What’s your favorite behind-the-scenes memory with Daniel Radcliffe while shooting the Harry Potter films?

    2. Emma Watson revealed her first crush was you while filming the first two Harry Potter films. Was the crush mutual?

    3. What was the most challenging aspect of taking on the role of Logan in Origin?

    4. What did you enjoy the most about your time on-set filming The Flash?

    5. What do you think Julian Albert has been up to since he left STAR Labs for England? Would you return for another season if asked?

    6. You’ve released music in the past. Are you planning on releasing more songs or potentially an album?

    7. What’s your first on-set memory from filming the Harry Potter movies?

    8. The Harry Potter movies starred so many great adult actors. What was the relationship like between you and the older cast? Were you close with anyone in particular?

    9. Did you take anything from the Harry Potter set?

    10. If you could go back and film one Harry Potter movie all over again, which would it be and why?

    11. You took Pottermore’s sorting quiz and were sorted into Gryffindor. What would your hybrid house be?

    12. Does a text thread with you and the rest of the Harry Potter cast exist? Is there anyone who you keep in touch with the most?

    13. Would you ever reprise your role as Draco Malfoy if the opportunity presented itself?

    14. Did Draco Malfoy get the ending you thought he deserved in Deathly Hallows?

    15. What are you hoping audiences take away from Origin?

    16. What drew you to the role of Logan in Origin? In which ways are you similar to him?

    Can't get enough of Tom? Make sure to catch him in Origin, now streaming on YouTube Premium where you can watch the first two episodes for free!