22 Uber Drivers Who Made Things Incredibly Awkward

    I think I'll just walk next time.


    Uber driver said he had to pretend to be my relative to avoid a ticket in a taxi zone, so he got out of car, hugged me & said "I love you."


    Our uber driver said he wanted jlo to "take him away from this life" at least 3 times. Also he was over 60 yrs old.


    uber driver said his wildest ride = when some chick from Bravo got in the car made out with him & took him to a party w MOUNDS of cocaine


    Me: "Looks like it's going to be another hot day." Uber Driver: "Yes, good practice for hell."


    Uber driver kindly let 2 female pedestrians cross the road then he stared @ their butts & said "very nice" then glanced @ me for affirmation


    Let's Get It On just came on the radio and my Uber driver and I made awkward eye contact in the rear view mirror.


    My uber driver just said I looked like an old librarian?¿?!??


    ... I love @Uber. However, my driver just took a deep breath, smelled me, and said "yum". Pretty sure that's not included with their fare...


    My uber driver just said to me "thank you for wearing no bra miss" fml crying


    Our uber driver is telling us about how she works at a swingers club and that we should get "wild and crazy" there...


    Uber driver said his last guy was a chef that 'spent 10,000 a month on the white stuff'


    An uber driver just said that I'm "not even pretty" oh


    "I cheat on my wife every chance I get. Just never mix business with pleasure." - Jose the Uber Driver #LifeAdvice #ThanksJose #GoodMorals


    Last night my uber driver played Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls 6 times


    Our uber driver is singing to buttons by pussycat dolls


    My nerdy uber driver who can't go to concerts bc he hates crowds and alcohol just opened his glove compartment to a loaded gun. But said sry


    I was seriously asked by my uber driver if all Jews were really frugel.


    First time Uber-ing in Mumbai. Driver stopped on a main road to pee on the side of the road. No words were exchanged.


    "Do you want me to play RKelly?" - something my uber driver just sincerely asked me


    My Uber driver: "Your name is Erin? Why do you have a unisex name?" Me: "Are we there yet?"


    OMG! My cousin and I got a gay uber driver and he's asking us if we're tops or bottoms lol


    Dispatch from second Uber of the day: was just asked whether I'm a nanny. No context. Probably my nanny-style butt?

    But hey, at least it's not a taxi.