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    This Grandma Is The Boss Bitch Queen Of Stock Photography

    Bow down.

    Meet the woman who rules stock photography:

    Don't be fooled by her polished hair and Golden Girls appearance.

    Homegirl is a FIERCE BOSS BITCH.

    Ain't nobody need to remind her highness of her flawlessness.

    'Cause she KNOWZ IT.

    Don't cross her 'cause she'll knock ya on yo a$$...

    And then sweep up yo weave.

    Wanna give her a hug?

    OOPS! She got your money ya gullible bitch.

    She lives by one rule and one rule only:


    "$$GET MONAY$$"

    Widow again? NO PHUCKS GIVEN.

    "LOL! They fall for it every time."

    So raise your glass full of White Zin to your new ruler.

    The queen of stock photography.