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    23 Things You Slowly Learn To Accept When You Have A Big Family

    It really is cheaper by the dozen.

    1. Needing to set your alarms early to avoid a cold shower.

    Christian Zamora / Via BuzzFeed

    2. Getting called every name that ISN'T yours.

    FOX / Via

    Even the dog's.

    3. The giant van you roll everywhere in.

    Our pimpin ride for Disney #bigfamilyproblems

    Mallory Marse@malmarse

    Our pimpin ride for Disney😂😒 #bigfamilyproblems

    10:41 AM - 07 Jun 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    4. The fast depletion of resources.

    5. Dibs-ing your favorite food.

    6. And spots on furniture.

    "@rkocourek12: The only way to get a prime spot for movie night in this house, gotta dibs it #bigfamilyproblems"

    Melissa Renພ@kocourekmelissa

    "@rkocourek12: The only way to get a prime spot for movie night in this house, gotta dibs it #bigfamilyproblems"

    7:38 PM - 22 Nov 12ReplyRetweetFavorite

    7. Your suggestion for dinner constantly being overshadowed...

    ABC / Via

    8. ... And any suggestions for a new pet's name.

    9. Getting kicked out of your room when relatives come to visit for the holidays.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    10. The legitimate fear that you might date someone who turns out to be a distant relative.

    11. When it's your turn to take one for the team.

    12. Hiding for privacy.

    13. Hand-me-downs completely owning your closet.

    14. Always running late to literally everything...

    15. ... And always getting picked up late from everything.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    16. Never taking that perfect picture.

    17. Putting a pair of socks in the washing machine only to never see them together again.

    18. Having to start saving up for Christmas on December 26th, every year.

    19. ALWAYS needing to call ahead to warn a restaurant of your arrival.

    20. The urgency of getting to the movies an hour early to save a whole row of seats.

    21. Eating at the "kid's table" until you're at least 20.

    22. Never knowing what it's like to have your own room.

    23. And the inevitable day your parents will finally be worn out.

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