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19 Reasons Halloween Makes Absolutely No Sense When You Think About It


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1. Paying ACTUAL MONEY to have demented clowns chase you with chainsaws.

2. Dedicating an entire night IN THE COLD to ringing stranger's doorbells.

3. Accepting and eating candy you got FROM COMPLETE STRANGERS.

4. INTENTIONALLY putting a rotting fruit outside of your front door.

5. Acting like there are dead people buried in your front yard.

6. Dressing children up as the devil...


7. ... Or throwing masks on cute children to make them look absolutely horrifying.

8. Leaving trash bags filled with DEAD LEAVES in your front yard for an entire month.

9. Putting a candle inside a fruit you hollowed out after you gave it human characteristics.

10. Wearing bedsheets as clothing.

11. Walking around with GIANT opened flesh wounds all over your body.

12. PURPOSEFULLY trying to scare children.

13. Putting up a creepy as fuck scarecrow EVEN THOUGH YOU DON'T HAVE A CROW PROBLEM.

14. Spending the entire evening dressed and acting like an animal.

15. Decorating your house with detached body parts.

16. Wrapping yourself with toilet paper AND wearing it for an entire night.

17. Walking aimlessly through a corn field until you can find an exit.

18. Making it appear as if you haven't ever cleaned your house.

19. And buying candy WITH YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY to give away FOR FREE.



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