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    19 Things All Lazy People Don't Have Time For

    Too much "getting up" required.

    1. Ordering takeout instead of delivery.

    2. Leaving the couch.

    3. Weekdays.

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    4. Grabbing something out of arm's reach.

    5. Getting abs.

    6. Stairs.

    7. Actually waking up when you need to.

    8. Showering all the way.

    9. Taking your own shoes off.

    10. Correctly changing the toilet paper.

    11. Email, in general.

    12. Turning things off.

    13. Lecturing fortune cookies.

    14. Leaving the house.

    15. Putting on pants.

    16. Every single thing about laundry.

    LOL. NAH.

    17. Car shit.

    18. Cooking food for themselves.

    19. And most definitely, to-do lists.

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