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19 Things All Hot Messes Wish Everyone Else Understood

At least you're hot.

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1. It's really not easy having a lifetime ticket aboard the Hot Mess Express™.

ESPECIALLY when you didn't ask for one.

2. Because it's literally impossible for any hot mess to do anything without getting on-board first.

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For instance walking.

3. It might seem like their life is out of control, but don't you worry THEY GOT THIS.

4. Like they've been on this hot mess grind their entire life, UOENO.

5. As a result, they're very aware of their hot mess qualities.

So QUIT pointing them out.

6. And HELL NO. Don't you even DARE try to relate.


7. Like they didn't choose to be the mess, the mess CHOSE THEM.

What don't you understand?

8. They're impossible to blackmail because everyone knows of their royal messiness.



9. Usually because they'll let nothing get in their way from having a good time.

My leg is broke but IDGAF.

10. They're the stars of Snapchat and the app would be NOTHING without their antics.

So appreciate.
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So appreciate.

11. They're at an extreme disadvantage when it comes to dating.

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Because they're not the best at first impressions.

12. And even if they are able to date someone, it's nearly impossible to ever impress the future in-laws.

This is what my father/mother in-law will be writing when I marry their son #sorrynotsorryy #hotmessproblems

Kitty Nicole Smith@TheKittyNicole

This is what my father/mother in-law will be writing when I marry their son #sorrynotsorryy #hotmessproblems

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13. They're never intentionally ignoring your calls.

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They just lost their phone during last night's outing for the nth time.

14. And if their crack is hanging out, DON'T TAKE A PICTURE.

Like we know it already.

15. Breakfast in bed is a sure way to win their heart.

Or any meal. Chips work.

16. It's entirely YOUR FAULT if you let them borrow your clothes.

Like HELLO, they're a HOT MESS.


17. They hate being asked where the bruises all over their legs came from.

Because they sure as hell don't know of their origins.

18. But at the end of the day, any hot mess won't care what anyone else thinks.

19. Because they know if you're going to be a mess, you may as well be a HOT mess.

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