We Had The Property Brothers Read Your Thirst Tweets About Themselves And They Were Shook

    "Nope! I'm not going to read that..."

    In celebration of the launch of their new home design website Casaza, we had Property Brothers' Drew and Jonathan Scott stop by the BuzzFeed office to read thirst tweets about themselves...

    ...and NOTHING could've prepared these handsome twins for the thirst that was heading their way:

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    Something about the property brothers ripping out kitchen countertops makes me horny


    Him: What do you want for Mother's Day? Me: [fantasizes for several minutes about threesome w the Property Brothers] Flowers would be nice


    I wanna marry one of the property brothers. Or both of them if they'd be into that.


    I just wanna be the meat in a Property Brothers sandwich. Is that so much to ask


    The property brothers can demolish and renovate my hole TBH


    I’m ready to stop hiding my emotions, to stop sheltering the world from how I feel inside my heart. I’m ready to finally say it - The Property Brothers are dumb sexy


    i want the property brothers on HGTV to double team my ass


    The property brothers can destroy and try to sell me any day


    I spend every episode of Property Brothers trying to decide which one is more attractive.


    i want to be double penetrated by the property brothers while they talk dirty to me about house renovations


    Every time I watch Property Brothers I get a boner. So I don't watch Property Brothers any more. #HGTV


    are you really part of the hgtv community if you wouldn't have a threesome with the property brothers


    one of the property brothers just said "open these walls up" and my legs automatically flew over my head

    Make sure to check out Jonathan and Scott's new digital platform Casaza, aimed to help you make yourself a home, from inspiration to execution.