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The Game And Chris Brown Aren't Here For Homophobia On Instagram

This is an actual thing that happened!

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And because Chris is an expert Instagram troller, it didn't take long for him to hop in the comment section and stand up against the gay bashing:

"The crazy thing is that y'all used to call me homophobic... Now y'all calling me gay???? RESPECT IS RESPECT. WHO STILL HATES PEOPLE FOR THEIR DIFFERENCES OR PREFERENCES??? Grow up. People are abundantly simple minded. "NIKE X OR" 🙏🏽🏆"

Fellow rapper The Game decided to go at it in the comment section to fully silence the haters alongside Chris:

"Lol.. People kill me homie !!! Because two successful people take a quick photo opp together & one of them is gay/or not that means the other person is gay too !!! This guy is the head of BALMAIN... Most of you niggas ain't even employee of the month at wing stop, uncomfortable in your own skin using HATE to hide behind your own insecurities... & everybody know this nigga Chris ain't gay & all you niggas listen to his music while yo broke ass ridin' shotgun in yo girl car so ✂️ the bullshit & let people live..... #Its2016 #IfPeopleAreGayOrWhateverTheyWannaBeHowDoesItAffectYourLife #iHateIdiots #iHopeFleasInfestYourArmpitsFor40DaysAnd40Nights"