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Thanksgiving On Instagram Vs. Real Life

Thankful for filters.

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Cooking with your family on Instagram:

Cooking with your family in real life:

The turkey in real life:

The pumpkin pie on Instagram:

The pumpkin pie in real life:

Thanksgiving dinner on Instagram:

Thanksgiving dinner in real life:

Thanksgiving decorations on Instagram:

Thanksgiving decorations in real life:

The place setting on Instagram:

The place setting in real life:

Your little cousin on Instagram:

Your little cousin in real life:

Family bonding time on Instagram:

Family bonding time in real life:

DIY projects on Instagram:

DIY projects in real life:

Handprint turkeys on Instagram:

Turkey handprints in real life:

Family picture on Instagram:

Family picture in real life:

The kids' table on Instagram:

The kids' table in real life:

Black Friday on Instagram:

Black Friday in real life:

Never change, Thanksgiving.

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