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    19 Tattoos That Gave A Whole New Purpose To The Belly Button

    A terrible purpose, that is. Warning: belly buttons-as-butts ahead.

    1. This belly button nose what's up.

    Sunny side up.

    2. Please DO NOT feed the belly buttons.

    3. Just monkeying around.

    4. Dat belly button dough.

    5. The curious case of Buddha's belly button.

    6. Babe is obviously this guy's bae.

    7. Maybe some lint will cushion their fall.

    8. You don't want to see what happens when you put diesel in there.

    9. Maybe a little too looney.

    10. It's a talent, tbh.

    A&E / Via


    12. Literal beer belly.

    13. Despicable.

    14. Who's going to stuff the turkey?

    15. Ninten-just-DON'T.

    16. Yup. A donkey ass.

    17. This one used to be an outie.

    18. I don't think that's how beer bellies work.

    19. And why we will never be able to have nice things ever again.

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