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    21 Struggles Only Terrible Spellers Will Understand

    The strugel is reel.

    1. You've been a victim of your own terrible spelling your whole damn life.

    2. And it's been the source of many misunderstandings ever since you could start writing.

    3. Like it's a miracle you even made it through elementary school with your spelling repuatation.

    4. And instead of getting better as you've gotten older, it has only gotten worse.

    5. You've naturally come to rely on technology for all of your misspelling needs...

    6. ... But more times than not, it doesn't even know what the fuck you're trying to spell.

    7. Like your terrible spelling has gotten SO BAD, your autocorrect is now a bad speller because you're ALWAYS spelling everything wrong.

    8. You spend more time using Google as a spellchecker than its actual purpose to search the internet...

    9. ... Because when you have to write something without the benefit of spellcheck, it's better to be safe than sorry.

    10. EVERYONE constantly feels the need to point out all of your spelling mistakes.


    12. Every day is a new struggle because your spelling mistakes CONSTANTLY change the meaning of what you're actually trying to say.

    13. And when it comes to writing other people's names, you know FOR CERTAIN you're gonna fuck it up.

    14. Your word impairment makes it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to flirt over text.

    15. And your unintentional misspellings have gotten you in serious trouble at a job before.

    16. ... Or fired.

    17. You've conditioned yourself to NEVER pick up a pen because that shit is PERMANENT.

    18. And if you ever have to use a pencil, you know the precautions to take in order to cover up all your inevitable mistakes.

    19. Half of your texting conversations are you explaining the words that you're trying to spell...

    20. ... And the other half of your texting conversations are people correcting the words you misspelled.

    21. And forget even trying to be able to function on a social network. That shit is YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE.

    But at the end of the day:

    Because at least YOU KNOW what you're trying to say.