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    K-Pop's Stray Kids Played "Who's Who?" And Hilariously Called Each Other Out

    How can I become their tenth member?!

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    With the comeback of the K-Pop boyband Stray Kids in full swing, we had the wildly entertaining group stop by the BuzzFeed office to play a game of "Who's Who?" to get to know the band just a little better.

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    So which member forgets choreography the most? And who is most likely to brighten up everyone's day? Watch the video below to find out!

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    Ever wondered who in the group is always writing new music? Well, the band unanimously chose Bang Chan for that honor.

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    However, Bang Chan says there's actually a few of them who are always working on new music: himself, Changbin, and Han.

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    Regardless of who's making the music magic happen, DON'T STOP THE BOPS FROM COMING, GUYS!

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    Can't get enough Stray Kids in your life? Make sure to watch their new music video for "부작용(Side Effects)," out now!

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