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    18 Signs You're In A Serious And Sexual Relationship With Pizza Rolls

    You love them, rolls and all.

    1. First and foremost, there's nothing more pleasurable to you than one of these rectangles exploding inside your mouth.

    2. And NOTHING gets your mouth DRIPPING more than the sight and smell of cooked Rolls waiting to be swallowed.

    3. You never go ANYWHERE without your Pizza Rolls accompanying you.

    4. And because of that, your friends have complained because they never see just YOU anymore.

    5. You're constantly exploring new positions and ways to keep things ~saucy~ and exciting.

    6. It's hard for you date because not many people are willing to be in an open relationship with you and your Rolls...

    7. ... But you have faith you'll find someone who you can share your rolls with.

    8. You're constantly posting about your cute date nights with the boo every opportunity you get.

    9. ... Almost to the point where everyone around you is SICK AND TIRED hearing you talk about Pizza Rolls.

    10. You've gotten to the point where the idea of a threesome is new and exciting.

    11. You genuinely care about the safety of your Rolls and will the do anything to protect them.

    12. ... But that's only because your bae has been there for you through LITERALLY everything.

    13. They've met the family and get along really well with your nieces and nephews...

    14. ... And you've visited where they grew up.


    16. They've been your New Year's kiss...

    17. ... And the thought of ever hurting them is enough to bring you to SHEER TEARS.

    18. But most importantly, they've moved in and you don't EVER plan on spending one single day without seeing them.

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