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    27 Reasons Living In Colorado Ruins You For Life

    It's a rough life living a mile high.

    1. Because you get used to waking up to this sunrise every morning...

    2. ... And this as your backyard.

    3. Because you never truly experience the beauty of all four seasons outside of Colorado.

    4. Especially the winter and fall.

    5. Because you learn music doesn't sound the same when it's not echoing throughout Red Rocks.

    6. Because you're immersed in distractions.

    7. Because you learn how small you actually are.

    8. Because you realize there's only one city like Downtown Denver.

    9. Because there's nothing else quite like eating a Rockies Dog at a Rockies game...

    10. ...or the unique ambiance of Casa Bonita.

    11. Because you find yourself sleeping outside...

    12. ...and waking up early on summer weekends to work out.

    13. Because you become used to only breathing in the freshest of air.

    14. And because of the strength that comes with being a Coloradan.

    15. Because you quickly find out everything is better a mile high...

    16. ...and every day you can get lost in a new adventure.

    17. Because you start to bleed gold and green...

    18. ...or gold and black.

    19. Because of how sore you get from all the hikes...

    20. ...and from all the perfectly powdered mountains.

    21. Because all of the moments you take time to turn into memories...

    22. ...and the memories you become nostalgic for.

    23. Because you learn how many colors the sunset can actually paint...

    24. ...and what "purple mountain majesties" actually means.

    25. Because you never forget how beautifully the day can turn into the night...

    26. ...and how many stars are actually in the night sky.

    27. Living in Colorado ruins you for life because no matter how hard you try, you can't ever leave your beautiful home sweet home.

    Colorado, the beautiful.

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