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    19 Problems Only Workout-Obsessed People Understand

    When life knocks you down, do a burpee.

    1. Every day, you wake up with a different muscle sore than yesterday.

    2. You're always marked with bruises or wounds from all your hard work and effort you put into your last workout.

    3. People are constantly commenting on how calloused your hands are or asking if they hurt.

    4. You have to budget your money better than anyone else so you can afford your essential before- and after-workout supplements.

    5. And nothing is more frustrating than trying to find that scoop in a new container of powder.

    6. Your friends think your only interest in life is working out...

    7. ...most likely because you're constantly making up excuses so you can hit the gym instead of going out with them on the weekends.

    8. Your phone's storage is usually full because of all the mirror selfies you've taken to track your progress.

    9. You barely have any room for new clothes because your workout outfits take up the majority of space in your closet.

    10. And most of your dirty athletic clothes are COVERED with chalk marks and sweat stains.

    11. Your bedtime is usually around 9 p.m. so you can wake up for your morning workout alarm.

    12. You CONSTANTLY have to go to bathroom because you're always hydrating yourself to prepare or recover from a workout.

    13. You've lost friends on social media because they can't handle how much you post about your #fitness.

    14. A relationship is almost out of the question unless they're fit enough to work out with you.

    15. You have basically no room in your cupboards for anything but BlenderBottles.

    16. You have to buy deodorant IN BULK because you're constantly sweating off layers.

    17. Rest days are torture because you feel like you're cheating yourself out of a damn good workout.

    18. You'll do ANYTHING to get over a sickness as quickly as possible so you don't miss more days at the gym.

    19. And you're rarely ever pleased with your current personal best...

    ...but that's only because you know you can always push yourself further.