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21 Problems Every Jump Roper Faces In Their Life


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1. Encountering people who don't take your sport seriously.

I'm sorry, could you do this?

2. When your wire rope lashes out at you.

3. Losing the ability to move any of your muscles after a workshop.

4. Your rope splitting into two while you were in the middle of competing.

And you were about to have a personal best.

5. So then you had to rejump ALL BY YOURSELF with literally everyone watching you.

No pressure or anything.

6. Becoming ultra competitive with everyone on rival teams.

7. And even your teammates who are in the same age group as you.

Jump rope frenemies for life.
Facebook: 31896698733

Jump rope frenemies for life.

8. Making one little mistake that completely ruins the rest of your routine.

9. Your bladder suddenly becoming active EVERY TIME you start triples.

10. There's never any room in your because it's always full of ropes.

11. Only qualifying for a few things at Nationals.

And one of them was team show.

12. The struggle of having to get back in-sync with your pairs freestyle partner after they mess up.

13. Never having a real "summer break" because you're too busy practicing for Nationals EVERY DAY.

USA Jump Rope Nationals 2013! #jumprope #lasttime

14. Constantly worrying about landing on your head...

15. ... Someone landing on you...

16. ... Or basically eating it every time you get into the ropes.

17. Going from having the advantage of being the oldest in your age group...

... To the disadvantage of being the youngest the following year.

18. Slowly developing shin splints from all the wear and tear over the years.

19. Falling behind on your school work because of how many Jump Rope For Heart shows you have to jump at.

20. Being chosen as the dreaded "fourth person" of your double dutch group.

I mean, just more nap time for you in the bleachers.
Creative Commons / Via Flickr: albumceline

I mean, just more nap time for you in the bleachers.

21. And trying to keep your ropes from getting completely tangled together in your bag.

The impossible.
Monique Antunovich

The impossible.

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