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    24 Perfectly Sassy Grindr Responses You Wish You Thought Of

    Because have some fun before you block.

    1. This person who knows the importance of pizza.

    2. This Celine fan.

    3. And this Avril fan.

    4. This person who always puts family first.

    5. This person who has the whole "fake address" thing down.

    6. This person who's probably right.

    7. This party planner.

    8. This person who is probably late for work.

    9. This person who's just thrifty.

    10. This person who will never let you inside his Pokeball.

    11. This person just trying to shoot down some rumors.

    12. This person with a nice cock.

    13. This person who is refeshingly polite.

    14. This bale of hay.

    15. This person who knows their animal noises.

    16. This person who was just giving them what they asked for.

    17. This person who's not afraid to correct your mistakes.

    18. This person who will finish your sentences.

    19. This Wheel of Fortune lover.

    20. This person full of sass.

    21. This person who's just looking for the simple things in life.

    22. This person who knows how to use a simile.

    23. This considerate person.

    24. And this person who just isn't having it.