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    Noah Centineo Played With Puppies While Answering Your Fan Questions And It Was Whoa-Mazing

    The rising star revealed his hair secrets, his love for Zoë Kravitz, how he got his scar, and more!

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    As if he hadn't already won our hearts over as Peter Kavinsky in To All The Boys I've Loved Before, Noah Centineo is set to do it all over again in his latest Netflix teen rom-com Sierra Burgess Is a Loser.


    In celebration of the release of the film, we sat down with Noah to answer YOUR fan questions...WITH A COUPLE OF CUTE PUPPIES:

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    1. What’s your favorite or funniest on-set memory from filming Sierra Burgess Is a Loser?


    Noah Centineo: There's a part in the film where this kid in the band is supposed to be screaming my name but he went a little off the edge with the role. There's a blooper reel somewhere where he's screaming profanities and he's like, "James! JAMES! Oh, James." He's freaking out — it's the funniest thing.

    2. What do you want people to take away from watching Sierra Burgess?


    NC: There's a lot of great messages in Sierra Burgess. One of them is don't let society dictate what beauty is — that's a really important one. There's a really cool part where the bully Veronica and Sierra kind of get together. They're enemies at first but then they become really good friends and that's from understanding each other — I think that's a huge, huge takeaway. Someone can be your enemy, but you can't really judge someone until you know who they are, why they are the way they are. It's kind of hard not to like someone when you understand them.

    3. In Sierra Burgess, your character Jamey gets catfished. Have you been catfished before?


    NC: I have! It happened like a year and a half ago. I met someone on Instagram and I developed this ostensibly intimate relationship with them and it turned out they weren't who they were, as catfishing does.

    4. Jamey has a little brother who is deaf and speaks ASL. Do you speak ASL or did you learn some of it for the movie?


    NC: I learned some of it during the process of filming. I don't sign, but it was definitely really, really quite an experience getting to know about the community and culture of signing.

    5. Would you say you're more similar to Peter Kavinsky or Jamey?


    NC: I'm closer to Jamey on my day-to-day life, no doubt. Sometimes I can be a little more Peter K when life calls for it — a little more aggressive, a little more egotistical, for sure.

    6. What was your first impression of Lana on the set of TATBILB?


    NC: "Yo, this chick is so kind and so talented. Wow, I'm lucky to be here." That's pretty much how that went and it was like that for the rest of the shoot.

    7. Can you give us your best impression of Lana Condor?


    NC: She does these little facial expressions! [Attempts to do an impression] I'm really bad at impressions, like really bad.

    8. What was your favorite scene to shoot while filming TATBILB?


    NC: I really like the kitchen scene between Lara Jean and Peter when they're kind of opening to each other about their family history. Again, the same principle of understanding why people are the way they are. It was really great to shoot — Lana's such an excellent, talented, giving actress.

    9. We’ve learned the pocket spin in TATBILB was improvised by you. How did you come up with it?


    NC: I used to do it with one of my girlfriends in the past. We would totally do that! it's just very cute.

    10. Were the "whoa, whoa, whoa"s in TATBILB improvised or part of the script?


    NC: I think maybe once or twice they were in the script, but I say "whoa, whoa, whoa" all the time.

    11. How did you get your scar?


    NC: I got attacked by a dog [laughs]. I got attacked when I was six years old by a Mastiff. He ripped a hole in my face, so you could see my teeth, my gums, and all the way through my tongue to the other side. There was a massive, gaping hole.

    I specifically remember him lunging, being pulled away from him, and then looking back and seeing him cock his head like he didn't really understand what happened. Some people were like, "Do you wanna put the dog down?" I was crying, like, "No, he didn't mean to do it!" My parents got a dog for us — a black lab german shepherd rottweiler mix — named Mackenzie, six weeks after the accident. Getting a dog, a bigger dog, after that was great. And now, the bigger the dog, the better.

    12. What’s a book you’ve read that has changed your life?


    NC: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. The whole book is very poetic and it's a journey from deep diving into the abyss and then coming back from it, and transcending, changing, and learning. It's a beautiful read and it's very inhalable because it's supposed to be fiction but it's not.

    13. Do you have a hidden talent?


    NC: I can do this [makes noises with his cheek].

    14. What piece of advice would you give to your high school self?


    NC: Advice to high school me? I would've said, "Don't shut down so much after kids were a dick to you. Don't hide who you are." Maybe if I hadn't built up such high walls, who knows what would've been different. I'm pretty fortunate and pretty grateful for the way that my life has turned out.

    15. Who is your dream actor to co-star in a movie with?


    NC: Zoë Kravitz! I love you more than these puppies.

    16. What do you use to make your hair look so good?


    NC: Shower water and then I dry it and I just shake it. Whenever we're doing stuff like this — where I can talk to you guys — there's this sea salt spray that makes it look like I just got out of the ocean. It's all fake.

    17. What’s the biggest romantic gesture you’ve ever done for someone?


    NC: I'm not really romantic...that's not true. I can remember a time where I took this girl back to her hometown and we did a whole week-and-a-half vacation to do it. I've written a good amount of love letters, for sure.

    18. What’s your phone background right now?


    NC: I think it's just a play insignia. On the iPhone when you're gonna watch one of your videos on your camera roll — it's just the black with the "play" and the circle around it. I changed it because I had a picture of my ex-girlfriend on it almost a year ago and I was like, "I keep thinking about her whenever I open my phone!" So, I just changed it to that and it's great! Now, I don't even think about it. I don't even register that I'm looking at a picture on my phone, which is one less thing to think about a thousand times a day.

    Don't wanna stop gushing over Noah? Make sure to catch him in Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, now streaming on Netflix!


    And to adopt one of these insanely adorable puppies, head over to The Vanderpump Dogs Foundation to learn more!

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