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    Nelly Defended *That* Excel Spreadsheet In The "Dilemma" Video, Thinks It Was "The Thing" In 2002

    How tight was that Band-Aid?

    2002 gave low-key lovers everywhere a bop of a lifetime: Nelly's "Dilemma" feat. Kelly Rowland.

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    'Cept there was one thing in the music video that didn't quite make sense, even for 2002................... Kelly was tryna hit up Nelly via Excel spreadsheet!!!

    Well, Nelly finally addressed the spreadsheet sexting over the weekend on Australia's The Project when one of the hosts called out the odd moment from the video:

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    And, um, I think he *actually* thinks people used Excel to text in 2002???

    OK, Nelly, yes — that WAS the technology at the time BUT NOT THE TECHNOLOGY PEOPLE USED TO HIT UP THEIR BOOS!!!

    FWIW, we asked Kelly to explain the spreadsheet earlier this year and she couldn't come up with one good reason:

    "OK, I can’t explain this picture. I was given this phone — we probably got some extra perks for having this phone in the video, y’all know how that works by now. And basically, I don’t know why they had this. I don’t know why that screen is like this. I’m sorry I can’t give you a really good answer. Yeah, I have no idea."

    The true answer to this 14 yearlong dilemma?