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Miley Cyrus Thought Meghan Trainor Was Martha From "High School Musical"

Another meme victim.

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Miley Cyrus shared a major revelation Monday morning on Instagram — she found out Martha from High School Musical is actually Meghan Trainor!

So how does a former Disney Channel star go this long without knowing such a fun fact about another former Disney Channel star? Well, because it's simply NOT true.

A quick and free Google search reveals the jam and breaking Martha Cox was played by Kaycee Stroh in the High School Musical trilogy, who is now married with two little girls.

Not to mention Meghan is only 22 years old, which means the "All About That Bass" singer would've only been 12 years old when the first High School Musical premiered on the Disney Channel in 2006.

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Perhaps the most awkward part of this confusion is the fact that Kaycee had a cameo in Hannah Montana: The Movie, which of course starred Miley.


Miley eventually realized the two women were NOT the same person and updated her Instagram caption with a broken heart:


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