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    Maya Rudolph Impersonated Beyoncé's Twin Announcement Photo And It'll Make You Laugh Until You Choke

    "That's double baby."

    Maya Rudolph stopped by The Late Show with James Corden earlier this week, and because she doesn't have an Instagram, James thought it would be funny to place her inside other celebrities' Instagrams...

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    ...And each impression made me choke on my own damn laugh!!!

    First, Maya did an impersonation of Rihanna at the Crop Over Festival and made the previously uniconic words "boom booms" iconic:

    Then she did her best Khloé Kardashian-selling-ice cream impersonation:

    Nailed it.

    But most importantly, Maya whipped out her classic Beyoncé impersonation while getting placed inside Bey's birth announcement Instagram AND IT KILLED ME:


    I can't and forever will not be able to can.

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