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Mariah Carey Threw A Mariah-Themed Party Where Everyone Dressed Up As Her

Even Mariah is a Lamb.

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All the Lambs in the world exploded into excited glitter on Friday because Mariah Carey Instagrammed herself dressed as her infamous evil alter ego Bianca.

Was she bringing Bianca back for a new project? Was she filming a music video?!

Turns out, NAH — Mariah was just throwing herself a Mariah-themed party! DUH!

According to Us Weekly, Mariah threw the self-themed party during the European leg of her Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour, where everyone dressed up in a Mariah-inspired look:

About 40 to 50 people — people from her touring crew, friends — dressed up in their favorite Mariah looks; looks inspired by her songs or videos, with Mariah hair, poses, and her signature style.

Only Mariah.