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14 Lyrics That Perfectly Describe Your Relationship With Pizza

Dat pizza dough...

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1. When you hold that beautiful origami box housing your pizza for the first time:

2. When you have a serious inner conflict from trying to decide if you want an everything pizza:

Or just cheese:

3. When pizza is always there for you:

Because pizza listens and encourages you to eat your feelings:

4. When you think you have no groceries but find a leftover slice in the fridge:

5. When you can't even think about what could've been after you burn your favorite take-and-bake in the oven:

Leaving you bedridden, bitter, and jaded:

6. When you need something to soak up the vodka after hitting up the bars:

And then when you when up the following morning:

7. When you irrationally decide to try a new diet:


8. But then you can't resist the temptations of stuffed crust leading you to quit your new diet seconds later:

9. When you're irresponsibly nice and offer your last slice to someone else:

And you live to regret it FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE:

10. When preheating the oven is too much to ask for so you happily settled with refrigerated leftovers:

11. When your clothing size fluctuates because of regularly occurring binges:


12. When you weren't strong enough to stop yourself from eating your take-out on the way home:

And you needed a divine intervention to help accomplish your task:

13. When you think about taking your immense love to the next level:

14. And LITERALLY ALL THE TIME when you want pizza:

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