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Kylie Jenner And Friends Were Left Completely Shook By Her Gray Hair

You never forget your first.

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Even though she CHOSE to dye her hair gray last year...

...Kylie Jenner was left completely SHOOK after finding her first homegrown gray hair Thursday on Snapchat:

You can tell how shook she is based off the number of "ohygods" she says.

The traumatic events rapidly unfolded as The Queen of Lip Kits encouraged her friend to "TAKE IT OUT" while another mortified bystander warned, "IF YOU TAKE IT OUT SHE'LL GET MORE!"

We're not quite sure which removal tactic was employed to extract the gray but Kylie DID confirm the hair was removed from her scalp in a follow-up Snapchat:

Our thoughts are with you at this time, Kylie.