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    The Same Guy Who Grabbed Gigi Hadid Just Tried To Kiss Kim K's Butt

    How about we don't?

    Gigi Hadid recently had to defend herself against a man who calls himself a "celebrity prankster" (I REFUSE TO GIVE HIS NAME PROMO) after he grabbed her from behind following a fashion show in Milan last Thursday.

    Gigi defended herself when a man grabs her after the Max Mara show.

    Well, the attention-seeker's pranks reached a new low on Wednesday after he tried to kiss Kim Kardashian's 🍑 in Paris...

    ...because I guess kissing Kim's butt is a funny prank?

    Anyway, Kim's buttyguards took him down real quick.

    And it looked like it hurt.

    Can't wait to see what Kanye has to say to this guy!