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    Kesha Broke Down Onstage After Finally Being Able To Perform New Music And It'll Make You Sob

    ILY, Kesha. <3

    It's been a long journey for Kesha to be able to release and perform new music, so it's no surprise that when she was performing in Iowa Thursday night, she wasn't able to hold back the tears. WARNING — YOU MAY CRY TOO:

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    The emotional moment began right after Kesha thanked her crowd of fans at the mini concert:

    Once the crowd realized Kesha was crying, they began to chant her name, which made her cry EVEN MORE:

    After a quick tear-drying...

    ...Kesha rallied and went into pop-star mode to deliver an energetic debut performance of her female-empowerment anthem "Woman":

    I'M NOT CRY— OK, YES I AM. 😭😭😭