Kelly Clarkson Was Told She Had Cancer In 2006 Because Of Mixed-Up Test Results


    America's first elected pop star, Kelly Clarkson, stopped by Billboard's Pop Shop Podcast to talk about her Grammy nomination for her American Idol performance of "Piece By Piece." However, the interview took an unexpected turn when she revealed she was falsely told that she had cancer the morning of the 2006 Grammys where she performed and took home two awards:

    "Well, not many people know this, not to be a Debbie Downer, but I was told that morning that I had cancerous results for something... And then when I won, I thought, 'Oh my god. This is like God giving me one more thing before something horrible happens.'"

    Kelly's false cancer diagnosis gives a whole new perspective on her tearful acceptance speech for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance:

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    So why was she told that she had cancer? Well, apparently the doctor's office mixed-up her test results with someone else's:

    "I went to the doctor's next day and they apologized for mixing up results. And I was like, 'Are you for real?!'... It was kind of the worst/greatest day... A lot of the moments got stolen from that mishap, but hey, I didn't have cancer! ...I don't even remember anything but being terrified."

    In case you missed it (SOMEHOW), here's Kelly's nominated live performance that's up for a Grammy. Rooting for you, girl!

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