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    Justin Bieber Stormed Offstage Because His Fans Wouldn't Let Him Wipe The Floor

    Maybe it's promo for his new single "Sorry"?

    Justin Bieber was set to perform a mini concert in Oslo, Norway, when he angrily walked off the stage because his fans refused to listen to him and wouldn't let him wipe the floor.

    Everything went down after Bieber tried to wipe the stage with a flannel. But his fans kept grabbing it, thus preventing Bieber from being able to complete his wiping.

    After Bieber repeatedly told them to stop, the fans kept grabbing so he told them he was "done" and that he was "not doing the show."

    The venue full of Beliebers tried to sing his songs to win him back onstage after the ~wiping incident~...

    WE'RE SINGING TO GET HIM BACK, his dancers are still sitting here jamming with us

    ...but it wasn't enough — Justin must've really wanted to wipe the floor.

    Justin has since taken to his Instagram account to issue an apology, blaming the incident on a "rough week" full of "long days no sleep."

    TL;DR: He knows that he let you down — is it too late to say he's sorry now?

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